Rental Zoning? Suggestions appreciated.

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First forum post so thanks ahead of time for taking time to read it. I'm currently an owner of a home that is located outside of the Provo allotted rental "zoning" space. I'm looking to 'house hack' and live in part of it while renting out the rest. Does anyone know a way to get around this? I've looked into making the tenants "part-owners" while they are renting but it doesn't seem like a permanent solution. Most of you who have worked in Provo know the city can be hard to deal with at times.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Live in nanny, live in care taker, etc. I have heard people doing this. Not sure of its legality though. Our HOA has a clause that you cannot rent a SFH to multiple tenants. This was how one landlord got away with it for many years. He had a live-in nanny, live-in gardener, a live-in groundskeeper (each party were not related) and the HOA was unable to legally enforce there rules against the landlord.