Burlington, Vermont Real Estate Investor Meet-up Suggestion?

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I am looking to start with a bi-weekly investor meet up and see how the turn out is over the first 2 months and restructure accordingly. I am a newer investor in the area and would really value setting up a regular networking/brainstorming event for all of us investors in the Greater Burlington area to get together, network, trade deals, and discuss strategy. I am managing my small businesses renovations, so I have some extra time to plan these sorts of outings :) 

I would love to coordinate our first meeting for Saturday, June 8th at Mad River Distillers at 12:30pm.  I've spoken with the manager there and that seems to be a good time for us to be able to sit in their back table seating and chat over some fine cocktails for as much time as we need! There's no beer at MRD, but we can discuss alternative meeting places further if that's an issue for folks (only requirements would be to avoid live music so we can actually hear each other!).

Who's in? I'll be there on June 8th at 12:30, I look forward to meeting & connecting with you further!

FYI:I do not have a bigger pockets pro account so I can't post this event on the website, but will set up a facebook event that you can follow/attend.

A little about me: I am a newer investor in the area focusing on flipping homes. I am working on my second investment in Chittenden County currently, fourth investment total and am actively seeking more investment opportunities. My partner and I are looking to purchase our first multi-family this summer and become landlords so I am excited to connect with existing investors in the area to learn your thoughts about our market and gain some knowledge about the tenant pool in the area. 

@Renae Bouchard   Welcome to BP Renae and thanks for the suggestion on the meet up!  Sounds like you're doing well with your investments so far and great to hear.

I'm away that weekend but will let the others VT folks chime in.  

- Tom

Hey @renae it's not letting me tag you for some reason, but I'll put that on my calendar and see you there. Great idea because we've been somewhat inconsistent with our meetups in the past year or so. Just to clarify, do you mean the mad river distillery in Burlington?

Join our FB group too  If you need to be invited, find me on fb. I'm the only Martha Nowlan. Looks like there are others with your name so I don't want to friend the wrong person! Ha

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