Looking to partner with a GOOD CONTRACTOR in Va Beach, Norfolk!!!

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Good morning BP,

Here I am again, with another problem, however it's a good problem to have. I am a wholesaler in the Hampton Roads area and I have a number of properties I am working; so many such that I can't see them all. I need help with the initial inspection process, taking pictures and assessing rehab costs of the properties that come through my funnel. You provide me with your assessment, and I would present that assessment to my buyers. Odds are that they would accept your offer and award you the contract to perform the work required. 

Let me help you grow your business much as you help me grow mine.



Mario, that's a proposition I'm willing to take on. I handle things of the same nature on a daily basis. It's something we both can benefit from. I look forward to speaking with you!

@Mario N Dove and @Vernon Payne I'm a "newish" investor in Hampton Roads and interested in how your partnership worked out. I am attempting to build a team locally for BRRR opportunities in Hampton Roads and would love to see what opportunities you are both assessing pre-MLS. Hope to talk soon.