Hampton Roads Mastermind Meetup

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Hey BiggerPockets!

I have a great idea for investors in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads Area! I have come to notice when meeting local investors, that something we all are looking for is an in person meetup where we can come to share our ideas and thoughts with like-minded individuals. So many of us are in this pickle where we spend a lot of time with people who are not on the same page as we are. My proposal is that we start a small in person meetup 2-4 times a month at local eateries/breweries and just talk real estate! We can bring our successful and not so successful real estate ventures to light for others to learn from. Most importantly we can discuss our current projects/problems we are facing and solve them together as a team! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to reply here or message me

Hoping to meet some new folks! 

@Roberto Sembiante

I’m game!

I'm looking for my first deal and I have a pre-approval letter for a conventional loan and a HELOC, so I'm pretty confident in terms of funds. I just need to find the right deal, which may or may not be on the MLS. There are wholesale deals, but I haven't found "the one" and don't have the cred yet to get on that super secret list for those who have done several deals.

Would love the meetup idea. New Realm brewery is a great place. I met a really cool couple there a few months back and talked story about investing.

There’s also a FB group called Hampton Roads Investors that meet up occasionally. I’ve missed the last two.

Let’s get something going!

Okay, @Alexis Terry and I are shooting for the June 17th for the first one (weekday) and July 10th (weekend) for the second around 6pm. It seems like we're spread out quite well throughout the area so we'll need to find a place that is relatively central for the majority. I was thinking O'connors or Commonwealth brewery, any suggestions on places?

I'm part of a local group called Hopportunity. We meet once a month at breweries and talk about real estate. We just had a guest speaker on hard money. Next month, we've got a speaker coming to talk about shirt term rentals. Message me for the details!

Thanks @Roberto Sembiante , I think those are great locations! Everyone please let @Roberto Sembiante and I know if you are able to make it on Thursday, June 17th at 6pm! If so, everyone vote on a location. Comment bellow your vote for O'Connors or Commonwealth Brewery (located in Norfolk)!

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Commonwealth is in my hood!  You can create an event right here on BP that will get the word out. FYI that TRIG and the Hampton Roads Landlord Assoc are going back in person in Aug. PREIA meets in person tonight!  I prefer lunchtime Meetup’s, but will try to hop in as my schedule allows. More than once a month seems like a lot!