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Enough being shy. Somebody had to break the Chesapeake boards open, so I guess I could oblige. Active military and local Chesapeake VA investor. Not too much longer on active and I cannot, cannot wait so I figured I would start now with my own business as some type of back up and maybe future career.

Anybody investing or doing real estate deals in the AO should come forth and let us work together!

P.S. Right now I am still working on getting a few properties under contract and I have some viewings coming up this weekend. Looking forward to networking with you guys.

Hi Walter. Have you found any properties yet. I knock on doors every day. Maybe I can find something for you.

Interested in some investment properties in Ches. VA. Let me know. Ready to close on a great deal!

 None yet, I'm still looking, I will be making phone calls today and tomorrow, though.

If anyone wants to discuss deals or is looking for funding, feel free to reach out!

hello, beginner investor here but looking to branch out. Im actually closer to OBX but breaking into that market is way higher entry price and looking around. what kind of deals are there in chesapeake area? I have a lot of home remodeling experience and quite a bit of tools and trade hookups if anyone is interested in any type of partnerships. also have NC real estate license. if any one wants to call, even just to shoot the bull and bounce ideas off of each other please reach out. 

@Walter Boyd @Mike Sedlacek @Almateen Yazid Hello all! I am looking to expand my network in VA and possibly invest in the Chesapeake/Norfolk area from out of state. I go to Norfolk frequently for work (DoD civilian) and would like to get to know this market.

@Walter Boyd @Mike Sedlacek @Almateen Yazid I’m local to this area and have deals for assignment now. I’m actively rehabbing building new construction and a landlord. I’d be interested in connecting with you guys to show you what we have.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss

Hey Walter! Im also active duty military and im trying to get a start on real estate investing as well! Im in the Norfolk area but looking in areas close to Norfolk and Chesapeake and need some people to meet and network with to help me get started! Im down for joint ventures as well if anyone s interested! Lets connect!

I am still in the Norfolk area. As of yet, i haven't got any updates on transactions due to Navy life, but I'm back now. I am ready to get back into the game. Ready to network and as start closing on these deals asap.

@Walter Boyd I'll be back in Norfolk on December 6th if you want to connect to discuss business.

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