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Hi all,

I've graduated as Civil Engineer from Buffalo, NY. Currently I live in Istanbul / Turkey. My plans are to move to US with E2 visa and invest in real estate rehabilitation. I am planning to fix and flip old distressed properties in Desert Areas (Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indio, Indian Wells, Coachella Valley, Palm Springs etc.)

Do you have any experience about getting an E2 visa via real estate investing?

Hi I guess we are all waiting for April to see what the new EB5 capital requirements ARE changing to.

EB5 money is real estate investment money... you can rent the center and do your own investing... you don't have to throw your money into a multi-million $$ NewYorkCity high rise. You can be a part of a $4,000,000 Medical Office Building... something small.

Rehabbing single family homes looks like fun on HGTV but it's a LOT of work, shopping for supplies with workers, supervising workers then open houses to sell or babysitting tenants via property mgmt or worse--DIY property management.

Been there. I don't regret all the life-consuming work I put into single family homes and property management because it was how I HAD to get started (ZERO $ CAPITAL and total care responsibility for our long awaited newborn daughter back in 1998)

IF I had the capital back then, I probably would have done maybe 

2 rehabs / rentals / mgmt. instead of 300. After 2 rehabs-property turn cycles, I learned all I "needed" to know about acquisition, builders, land, homes, HOAs, TAXES, tenants (you really can have a better life NOT being a part of the insane things tenants do where they LIVE vs seeing people at their best where they WORK),  selling, eviction court.

If I had capital of $200,000 or oh my word $500,000 (current EB5 min)

WHY on earth would I put that money into rehabbing $150k or $300k houses

And going thru all of the above?

Spend your time interviewing and learning from developers and construction company OWNERS-- there are some WONDERFUL people out there... until you spend time with LOTS of them you won't know the "good guys" from the "used car dealers"-- find the people that are VESTED and high profile in the community.

I PROMISE ---> you will make 

FAR MORE money and have a much larger POSITIVE impact on "mankind" by taking the EB5 route (creating jobs, learning the efficiencies of running a successful project,  assimilating into the world of American business) than you could ever have in a series of single or multi-family rehabs.

Find and work with people like yourself--people you can TALK to and trust.

If you follow this plan of 2 rehabs (or 2 movein ready single family homes) and investing as PART of a small commercial project ...


the 2 'buy and hold' single family homes you bought will have more than doubled in value and your carefully chosen SMALL local in your backyard commercial project will be a successful part of the community and YOUR business relationships will have introduced you TO SO MANY MORE OPPORTUNITIES.

Knowing this... 

which path will give 


the best quality of life 

and really get you to the best 

place in 2027?

Hughes and Best Regards to You,


I'm an immigration attorney so what I'm saying cannot be taken as legal advice for your situation, but the E-2 is definitely less costly than the EB-5. However, the E-2 is for citizens of treaty countries (like Turkey) to be ACTIVELY involved in the management of the company ("develop and direct"). Passive investments won't get you there, you need to develop, direct and actively manage a business. The requisite funds must be "at-risk", and the amount is determined on a reverse sliding scale based on the nature of your business. The process is a bit more involved than simply buying homes, fixing, then reselling on your own but REI is definitely not a bad option to pursue if you have the funds and the right guidance.