Investing in Real Estate with a F-1 Visa/OPT

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Benoit and I am currently in the United States with an F-1 Visa I wanted to know if any of you have been in my situation and whether or not you faced any difficulties getting financing or anything else. I would love to hear about your experiences. I will be on a F-1 visa until December then I will have an OPT for one year so anyone who has invested or is investing with an OPT I would also love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Hey Benoit Roddier! I am in the same position as you just a little further...I'm currently on OPT and looking to make some moves as well.
Feel free to contact me and maybe we can talk and come together on some ideas & possibly make something work.

Kevin Moxey

Hi Benoit and Kevin, I'm on F1 as well and would be interested to learn about any hurdles that I need to overcome to invest in property here in the US. Let me know if you guys (or anyone else) have any good resource for this. Thanks!

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