Seller financing for Foreign Nationals

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Good evening,

I wanted to know if any foreign nationals have purchased US property through seller financing. If so, could you please share your experience(terms etc.)?

We are looking to break into the US market(multifamily and college rentals), and exploring all avenues of  creative financing.

Thanks in advance for your response.

@Yonatan Nir

It was a cash out refinance he had bought for cash and rehabbed. I believe his rate was around 7%? He tried a lot of places before that turned him down because he wasn't a US citizen and he didn't have a fico score.  This was the only place that gave him a loan. 

In west coast sorry buyers can take care of them. We have Indian State Bank, HSBC (HK & Shanghai Bank Corp), Russian banks, of course most Canadian banks have local presence and they lend money to those with an oversea account. Those who can't where is their cash?

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