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Hi BP,

I am a UK citizen and am looking at investing in the US. I currently have properties in the UK, but the market has dried up and will do for the next decade. I'm more interested in getting my portfolio up and running in the US as my goal is to retire there too.

Ok, so i need a wealth strategist who can look after my interests and guide me into purchases which will lead to passive income.

If you know of any individuals, please PM me and lets move this forward.

Many thanks in advance.



@Sunil Chauhan

Welcome to BP.

Can't really help you on the wealth management front.

I can say that if you were to add a picture to your profile you're more likely to get engagement. Nothing says, "I'm not here to be part of this community" like that default avatar.

Good Luck!

I will give you mine.  It works.  It's easy (I know...it's a relative statement,...but my "relatives" do me fine) to do.  It takes discipline to not follow "shiny objects of distraction" that look good from a distance, but take you off the path to success with a temporary euphoria.  Ready.  Here it is:

1 - Acquire a sizable (this is relative to your market of choice) amount of "non lienable debt".  I refer to this as a "cash like substance".  It doesn't need to be from one source, and on the surface it will seem to cost more than it is worth, but the fact you can use it as many time as you want, but only pay for it once, makes it priceless.  It is in fact, with the right overall system, free money

Now to understand what the impact of this is, you must truly understand how money works, that it is in fact a verb and not a noun.  You must grasp the differences between:

      a - debt and leverage
     b - cash and equity
     c - "use" and "spend"
     d - "cost" and "expense"
     e to ? - ....many more.

2 - You must set up within Step #1 above an investment whereby the income from it pays for the investment itself...and, the Expense of use for the NLD for the year...every year, until the cost of the NLD is paid for.  You will only need to use a portion of the original NLD funds.  This is how the rest of the unused NLD funds becomes free money.

3 - Take the free money (see above) and "flip it" (notice I said flip the money...not properties). You can flip it using any strategy you want from SFH flips, to buy/hold/refi, to...? We use our TKMP program because it also allows us to cash flow at the same time we flip the cash going in for profit. Best of both worlds.

4 - Here's part of the discipline.  You must reinvest most, if not all (at least in the beginning) of your profits back into the "flip cycle".  This expands the original seed money...you never, ever spend your seed money.  You use it to infinity though. (see list in #1 above).

5 - Once you've reached your established "width" of expansion, continue to lip the seed money...but now you can spend the profits (profits only) on cash flow properties.  The continuous flipping of the seed money will generate a continuous flow of profits, which in turn will generate a continuous build up of cash flow.

6 - ??????....at this point, what's next is up to you.

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