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Hi BPers, 

I’m currently investing in Parma with some rental properties. Can anyone refer me to some real estate CPA with international taxation background and thanks in advance.

Clarence Gong 

You might check out Robert Hall and Associates in Los Angeles.  I have not used them but I know they have a big practice focused on taxes for real estate investors.  I've been to a few of their seminars/webinars and they were very knowledgeable. 

Thanks Eric! I’m so sorry and just realized the area I meant was Parma and a suburb of Cleveland OH. Not in CA!


Actually I figured you meant Cleveland.  My recommendation still stands.  You don't need a tax person to be local as long as they know the local rules.  It's normal for investors to have properties all of the country and a good tax practice for Real Estate investors should be able to help you. 

@Clarence Gong

There are many CPAs on here who work with clients remotely so if that is something you are interested in contact a few. Some of us work with international clients regularly.

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