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Hi BP family,

I am an overseas rental property investor based in HK.

I have been having a difficult time talking to the right person at different banks due to the time difference between US and HK. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Citi. These are the major banks providing loans to foreigners as I checked online.

I am planning on spending 1 mil this year in rental properties in US and looking for a lender with a long term relationship who could leverage and extend my property portfolio. I am planning a trip to Cali next month.

I was told from the standard mortgage operator on the phone, that I would better talk to their Private Mortgage Department or Advisor. I assume the guy could not handle my deal. Especially I’m a foreign alien.

I am looking at these 2 properties priced at 340k and 500k. Like to get a pre approval and secure the deal. Fix everything up when I  get to LA next month, but the guy I’m supposed to talk to works only 9-5! I got a 3YO daughter to take care and the time difference is killing me!

I am ok with 35% down and 15 years fixed. Can you guys help me to figure out how am I going to get that pre approval and maybe some referral to someone I could talk to at a later time like 8:30-9:30PM EST please.

Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!


So you're looking for buy rental properties in California? From my experience, Major banks such as Bank of america, Chase bank do not fund foreigner, even if they do the underwriting is very tough. 

If you can work with mortgage broker then I can help you with referral a very good broker. Private message me. 

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

I understand there are dozens brokers out there do offer loans. But the rate is brutal like 8% and that will just kill the game of rental investing. Numbers don’t work out with that kind of rates. So I guess we are all looking for that low rate!

Just to add that I am buying in Cleveland OH for your information in case there’s an issue with licensing. I am in the process of completing a deal with cash right now and I would appreciate if anyone could get me some knowledge about how to finance more with equity loan? Is that how they call it? Thanks guys!

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