New Investor in Eastside/Seattle looking for deals

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Hi all! I'm relatively new to the area and have been a lurker on these forums for a couple of months now just trying to absorb any information I can. I've built what I think is a solid team and am now aggressively looking for flips/wholesaling deals. 

I'm looking to network with anyone that is similarly minded, and am especially interested in the most effective methods for finding good off market deals since that's where I'm at right now. Any good local networking functions/organizations you all would suggest? Any effective methods for finding deals in our particularly hot market? Any areas particularly good to look at? Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated! 

Start with networking at the local REI events - we have an active community of real estate investors

Fixated real estate meetup

Seattle Investors Club


Cascadia Investors Alliance meetups

Join the facebook community of WA real estate investing

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually going to the Fixated one tomorrow night, maybe I'll see you there. Heard great things about some of the others too. Listened to Tarl on the BP podcast so I'm excited.

@Jaspaul Gill It is a great meetup and today's theme is  pure networking at the event, so should be fun. Hope to see you too. 

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