Short notice but anybody in or around Seattle on this forum who's looking for something to do tomorrow Tuesday Dec 10 should consider attending this trade show:

It runs from 730am - 5pm on Tuesday Dec 10.   Downtown convention center.

Its basically everything landlording at any scale - relevant for everybody with single unit ADUs to large commercial developments and everybody in the industry.   Seminars cover all aspects of running rentals,  changes in local and state regulations (grr),  strategies for investing, investigating where the market and industry is headed, and everything in between.    The trade show has vendors from everywhere - maintenance providers and contractors, property managers, brokers,  bankers, lenders,  government liasons,  etc.    You also get lunch  :) 

I try to go every year.    I'm not affiliated with the event :)  but raising it here since it is very useful way to spend one day a year and I would encourage anybody else with a rental or who is seriously considering it to attend.  Especially for a first timer or new(ish) investor,  it will be eye opening - thrilling and terrifying at the same time...