Hello everyone! New investor hoping to meet and network!

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Hi everyone, my wife and I are new to the wonderful world of real estate investing. This is one of my first post on BP. Just wanted to introduce ourselves on this forum. I am a physician in the Los Angeles CA. My in-laws and wife are from Seattle. We are looking to invest out of state because of difficult to find cash flow opportunities in California. We would like to move back to Washington State at some point in the future as well. After conducting some market research we decided to invest in properties in the Spokane area. We like how there are so many opportunities for growth in the area.

We made a goal to ourselves to obtain at least one property by this year's end. We have been busy educating ourselves in all things real estate these past couple months from podcasts, books, webinars. Many of these educational sources were obtained from this forum and website.

We are looking to network with like minded individuals in the Spokane area. We know to be truly successful you need to surround yourself with successful people.

Looking forward to speaking to you all!

@Michael Lao

Hello Michael, I'm an agent in Spokane and semi-new to investing myself but have helped several investors in my work. I'd love to chat over the phone or meet up in person if you're in town some time. Congratulations on the decision and on setting a goal!

@Michael Lao  

Hi Michael, 

I'm glad to hear you and your wife have discovered the world of REI and are considering Spokane. As your research will have shown you Spokane is experiencing something of a boom right now with strong property price appreciation (even through the current COVID 19 pandemic) and an ever increasing number of people moving to Spokane seeking homes to buy and quality places to rent.

I'm working with a number of investors and people relocating from CA right now and would be very interested to hear more about your goals, metrics you're looking for, etc

Good luck with your REI ventures!


Would anyone here mind if I contacted them as well? I am in a similar position as Mr. Lao, though I'm also considering a relocation to the Spokane area.

@Micheal Lao I am in a very similar position as you. My wife and I have lived in Spokane our whole lives, yet are new to real estate investing. We just had our first baby and are hoping to obtain our first rental property by the end of the year. We may be able to offer more insight into the area. We would love to meet-up and discuss real estate! 

@Michael Lao wassup man sweet name BTW. Great first post, I like that you’ve already set SMART goals and have done research on some potential markets to invest in. I wish you all the luck and hope to see ya around here on BP!