New Spokane Investors

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My wife and I are new investors in the Spokane, Washington area! We are excited to start building our network and meeting other individuals in the area. We moved to Spokane in April 2020 from Tampa, FL. We are originally from MN, but lived in Tampa for the past 3 years while my wife completed PA school. The mountain life pulled us to Spokane and we could not be happier! We are actively searching for single family, multi family, apartment buildings, and industrial investments. We would love to connect with others to share ideas about investing, form relationships in this business, and even work some deals.  If you are in the area and want to connect please feel free to reach out.   

TJ Pigeon and Michelle Korthauer

Welcome TJ and Michelle!  My hubby (Adam) and I are also new investors but have lived in Spokane most our lives.  We have also been looking in our area, but are beginning to expand our searches to North Idaho and other states.  It's been a very challenging time this past year, and surprisingly we haven't seen any of the market drop.  So we are holding steady, looking for the right deal and trying to expand our network.   Again, welcome and we look forward to connecting!  Happy Holidays! 


Hi TJ and Michelle, welcome to Spokane! As Tanya mentioned, the market is going strong here in Spokane, but there are definitely deals to be had. Good luck and I look forward to connecting!

Hello TJ and Michelle, my husband Konstantin and I have moved to the area from San Diego in July 2020 and we currently live in Coeur d'Alene. We are newbie investors, too. We are open to any ideas that make sense. For now, we were toying with flips, brrrrr, buy and hold, multi, even construction of multi, but... the numbers just do not add up in this market, so we are waiting... who knows for what... great deal or recession... Anyway, I would love to expand my network and just meet new same-minded people. 

No investments on Spokane, but want to chime in and say that I am very, very bullish on Spokane after spending two weeks there in August. The waterfront area downtown is beautiful for as far as the eye can see in both directions.

As remote work takes hold and knowledge workers look to escape Seattle, I can definitely see it becoming an Austin-esque city in the PNW.

Hello @Thomas Pigeon , welcome to Spokane! I am an agent here in Spokane and am just starting my own investment journey as well. I am focusing more on long distance investing for the time being though. I have worked with a few investors here and focus mainly on single-family real estate, but also have some experience in multi-family. This market has definitely been a highly appreciating market for the past several years, and is a wonderful place to live. I would love to connect and learn more about your goals and plans for RE investing!

@Thomas Pigeon

Hey TJ and Michelle! Welcome to Eastern WA. You chose a great place to live and invest, that’s for sure.

I have a Spokane commercial broker in mind for you, who I’ve personally worked on deals with, and I’m personally a commercial broker in Tri-Cities, WA, your Eastern WA neighbor to the South. Most of my business is working with investors on multifamily and industrial sales and development. Would be good to connect as that sounds right up your alley.

-Mason Fiascone