Will be in Spokane on the 18th, Realtor suggestions?

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Hey everyone, I am a first time home buyer and future real estate investor. I currently live in Seattle but am planning a move in the next few months to get into a cheaper area (with less earthquake risk :) ).

Does anyone have any suggestions for a realtor that can show me a couple areas in Spokane? My future goal is to house hack a multi family, but haven't decided on location just yet. Will also be in tri-cities, Kennewick , Richland, Pasco area on the 19th to stop by on my way back to Seattle after Spokane and was hoping to explore there briefly as well.


@Dave Skow Thanks for the recommendations! Yes, I definitely will get in touch with a lender. My original plan(and still may end up there) was longmont, Greeley, Loveland area ,Colorado and got pre approved there so I have a rough estimate I think of what I could get. This visit is to get a feel for the city and then really get serious after I make a decision.

Lance, James Kinner in tricities is a great relator in the tricities area. He also has a lot of experience with working with investors. Further he's a high quality individual. Tell him I sent ya.

Good luck

Sweet. Tom Franson with caliber home loans is a good lender that is well organized and keeps buyers up to date. I've done a couple loans with him. That is if you're looking for a conventional loan. He actually lives in the Spokane area but his office is in the tricities. He can do loans in both Spokane and the tricities.

Happy to help. If either of them give you grief let me know. I've given them both a few referrals and would keep doing so provided the keep serving folks at 💯.

Best. Andrew

Hey Lance I would definitely recommend working with Brandi Graham-Snow of Windermere Real Estate. She assisted me in selling my fix and flip investment property. She's awesome to work with as she knows the area. 

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