Introduction: New Investor in Tacoma

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Good evening everyone!

I just want to say hi! New investor in the Tacoma area looking forward to connect. This forum seems pretty quiet. Please let me know if there is a better area to meet everyone. Otherwise I hope to speak with you soon.



Welcome @Cynthia Williams ! If you think the forum is quiet try posting something about landlord-tenant law or COVID - that's when all the commentators seem to come out of the woodworks :).

Are you thinking about Househacking, BRRRR, or something else entirely? Lots of folks (myself included) would be happy to answer your questions, help, or just grab a coffee or hope on the phone and connect. Cheers!

Hi @Aaron Nelson

thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, I do live locally, Spanaway. I moved back to the area about 18 months ago. I have a business partner and our investment strategy is to try to find a way to be successful regardless of what direction the market is going. As of now, that includes the creative financing of LO and Sub2. We also plan to get properties through traditional financing. And, at some point, we do want to flip a property, but that's not something that we'll rely on as we don't imagine there is a lot of inventory out there for that sort of thing anymore. Yet it remains something that we want to do.

Thank you,


Hi @Michael Haas ,

Thank you! I appreciate your willingness to help a noob out. Right now, no plans of House Hacking, although I'm not going to say it won't ever happen. If the opportunity arises and it makes sense, then sure. We do plan on doing some rentals, but not yet certain whether they will be SFH or MFHs. Which do you do? BRRRR will definitely be something that we'll do at some point. I really just want to stay open to opportunity and make the moves that make the most sense for us. I do know that, as of now, I don't have any interest being a Wholesaler. That could change, but that's where I am today.


Welcome @Cynthia Williams .  I am a wholesaler and flipper in Lake Stevens, WA so I don't do many deals in that area, but if you want to reach out to me I have a good friend who does a few different things down in that area. I think one thing for you would be to dive into one or two specific strategies to focus your energy on. Most investors are keeping an open mind to all sorts of ideas, but I would say the more successful investors are more clear on what primary method that want to push forward with. Good Luck!