Anyone work with Eastside funding lately?

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Thinking about hoping into bed with a deal using Eastside funding. Curious to know if anyone has had good or bad experiences with them.

Guessing that is a no...... anyone?

I would love to hear the outcome. I have never used and am not familiar with them (but am seeking funding at this very moment!)

We have not pulled the trigger yet with them, but I did find a close circle friend that has used them in the last few months and it went very very well. As soon as I get a property under contract I will be happy to post more outcome related news. FYI Eastside Funding was able to get me to a 10% DP with 3 points. Pretty nice thus far.

We used Eastside on 3 flip deals last year and two this year so far. They have been easy to work with. We have not had any issues with them. Once the get all your info they can turn a PoF on deals for you real quick which is nice. But, with any hard money lender don't dilly dally with your projects. :)

Thanks Rick! This sounds like a good fit. We are all set up with Eastside now and working towards securing a property under contract. Numbers are favorable for HML, 2% origination fee, 12% interest, 90% LTV/100% rehab. This is the best terms I have seen in the market thus far. I will be sure to do a follow up in a few months once the process is nearing the end. Thank you all for the input and good luck on your REI journey!

@Trent Parker @Rick Heinz

I heard Eastside has stopped funding off-market deals?  Have you been able to get a loan from them recently?

12% and 2pts sounds pretty expensive, especially for a 5-month loan.  When I did a couple of loans with them a few years ago, they were going to charge 5pts on the rehab funds, so I decided to only do a purchase loan.  Is that still true?

I honestly don't believe anyone should be paying double-digit interest rates for hard money, and I'm on a mission to change that.  I closed on a flip last month at 8.54% interest, 1.25pts, 95% of purchase and 100% of rehab, and 9 months for the loan term with extensions being 1pt for every 3 months.  I believe ESF is 1pt for every 45 days for extensions.  Just be really careful with those 5-month loans, especially in the changing market we are in today.  Houses are sitting.

I would love to get into a deal like you just said!! And yes everything you mentioned on Eastside is true. I think they are having some serious money issues and just halted really everything. 

Do you have a contact for the above mentioned financing? I would love to hear more.

We have been working with them and so far, they appear to be the easiest & quickest to obtain funding from.

No doubt 8% is nice

Originally posted by @Kisa Adderley :

Rain City Capital only charges 8%.

We currently have 3 flips with ES & 1 with RC. 8% is certainly easier on the wallet.

I think you mean Magnolia, which shares similar ownership to RCP?  That's their cheaper, more competitive arm, but has more underwriting constraints.

When it comes to flips, especially the quicker ones, it's not the rate that hurts you, but the points. Most lenders are charging 2pts these days, but I'm starting to see that approach 1pt or less, especially for experienced borrowers. 

@Trent Parker I personally haven't had any issues with eastside funding and have used them quite a bit.  I have one currently with them.  The other deals I have are private money but I still usually have at least one deal with them going at all times.  I believe I just closed (sale side) on another that they funded.  I do know they have stopped funding in lewis county as they couldn't fund one of mine down there.  But they have recently funded one in Olympia and one in Tacoma.  Their requirements for a down payment went to 20 percent I believe in oly for most buyers but Pierce and King are still 10 percent.  Not to mention they have closed mutlitiple deals for me in under 5 days. (when a cash buyer failed I had gotten the call).  

That being said give @Nghi Le a call I keep hearing good things although I haven't been able to make it to one of his meetups yet to talk.

Wow, good to know about Lewis Co.  that’s where I am working. Missed opportunity IMO.

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