Rose Village is HOT right now, what's the next neighborhood

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I sold my rental in Rose Village 6 months to soon. Price skyrocketed 15%. Are there any others "UP AND COMING" neighborhoods in the area and why do you think so?

@Drew Mim Mack Can I ask why you sold? :) 

I honestly believe the city is growing in every direction. I spoke to a few investors and locals in longview and they're getting a ton of Vancouver residents moving up north because prices are getting too high here. I'm keeping an eye out for Fishers Landing and Hockinson. That area is booming with new construction and businesses. 

There are many up and coming neighborhoods in this area. Where ever homes are "perceived" cheaper and there is turnover with prices still increasing - look in those areas.  Essentially that is the whole market, except the Westside of Portland IMO. People go where they can afford too. I have buyers looking all over Vancouver, and really don't want to go to Longview because of the distance. Decently priced good homes that come on the retail market are often gone in a day or less, so you have to be quick. The next threshold is a few weeks, and then longer. The market is softening a bit as buyer quality is not as strong as it was 4-6 months ago, although there is still little inventory which is keeping prices high and increasing.

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