Wholesaler seeking to network local investors! Milwaukee County, WI

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Hello everyone!

I want to see who else is developing my community! Me and my colleges can't be the only ones :)

I am the managing member of KP Home Buyers and I would like to take a swim in the investing community. I just started my wholesaling LLC but I'm expanding rapidly. I would like to be of service to anyone looking for deals around Milwaukee County, WI!

I'm not soliciting any contracts, just answering any questions one may have about which vehicle or REI I've chosen to pursue! I'll edit my post if I must, solicitation is too broad of a term in my capitalistic mind/ education. I apologize if I've stepped out of bounds, I'm new to networking on this beautiful website.

Contact me via college request, or any other method of communication, if you would like to get to know me! I'm thrilled to see who's out there!!!

Coffee/lunch is on me of course! :) Otherwise I'd like to meet at the networking place off Water St in 3rd Ward. Technology also works if you prefer something quick via text, email, phone, telegram, Etc.


Donovan Koeberl

KP Home Buyers LLC

Managing Member

Hi Donovan!

Welcome to the site!  You'll come to find this is a great place to network with good people and lots of resources you can tap into for your new venture.  There are good local contacts you can get in touch with locally there in Milwaukee (tagged below).  I have visited there in the past months and there are great opportunities out there!  Best of luck!

@Nicole Pettis

@Dawn Anastasi

@Mark Shaffar

I would love to meet a wholesaler who can sell me a deal.  I bought once from a wholesaler's personal inventory, and referred that wholesaler to another person.  Those are the only times any wholesaler has been able to bring me a deal in my 4 years of investing in Milwaukee.  Most of the time I'm just put on an email list and that list gets emailed to me week after week with junk properties so I unsubscribe.  Or, the person contacts me, I tell them what I'm looking for, and I never hear from them again!

Hi Donovan, Welcome to BP! If you are ever wondering if you're soliciting just put your post on the marketplace side and you're good to go. Those of us with "Milwaukee" as a key word alert will get it just the same. BP marketplace exists partly to make deals happen. I agree with @Dawn Anastasi , bringing properties to an investor is different than bringing good deals. I'll pm you. btw, @Nicole Pettis lives in 'tosa

@Leo B. Thanks for the shoutout!

Hi Donovan, 

welcome to BP! I can pretty much just sign under @Dawn Anastasi 's post - I contact every wholesaler I come across: I end up either never hearing from them again or I see some junk deals and then never hear from them again. Don't waste your time building a buyers list - I know it's hard to resist, because it made so much sense when "the guy" explained it *ggg* but trust me, if you get a decent deal under contract: it will sell just like Mark said. Being a wholesaler is not easy and many give up before they succeed - you have to understand comps, be able to ballpark repair cost correctly and ultimately get the sellers signature. It takes a lot of effort to learn all that. However, it can be done and there are some who became very successful and have built a great business. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and if you come across a SF 130-160 ARV on the far North side of Milwaukee be sure to let me know.

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