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I'm trying to get a general idea of what investors are willing to pay for a 2 bed/1 bath in the 53209 zip code of Milwaukee.  Investors, please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in ad

While you are a little east of @Dawn A. 's playground, she would probably have an answer.

Thanks so much Roy!  I'll reach out to her.

*in original message I meant: 'thanks in advance' ;)

Hey all, 

I've been informed that a bedroom and bathroom have been added (within code).  So in general, what would you (Milwaukee investors) be willing to pay in this case?

3 bedroom, 2 bath..53209 zip code


You may want to connect with a Milwaukee Realtor who can get you some good comps and other useful information.

Best of success!

Getting comps would yield the best result.

Thank you!  I am a new Wholesaler and just want to double check my comps. 

Do you know of any Agents that work with Investors, Wholesalers preferably in the area?


Mecia Rockett Reach out to Jenkins Ramon for an agent in the Milwaukee area

Thanks @Darren Budahn

2/1 -> I typically estimate $31,000 - $34,000 all in for c area property

( your wholesale fee, purchase, and renovations )

example only :


Your wholesale contact for $7100                 ( a  -> b )

New buyer willing to pay $9200                    ( b -> c )

renovation estimate $16,000

-> New owner in for around $25,200 

-> Wholesaler profit $2100

    ( not including closing cost, inspection fee, and etc )

Private message, if you have any further questions

OK.  Thank you all for you help.  Jenkins, I will likely be in touch with some questions.  

Kind regards,


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