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Question on Lease Agreements in WI

Posted Oct 29 2021, 12:29

Hey all,

Just closed on my first place in MKE (newbie here). I was reading through the WI Landlord-Tenant guidelines and saw this (ATCP 134.04(1)) "The landlord must identify an owner of the premises or a person authorized to accept legal papers on behalf of the owner. The rule requires that this address (not a PO Box) be located in the state of Wisconsin."

So I am technically, an out of state investor, but only live 75 minutes away from the property (across the IL border), so I am planning to self manage. From the above, I am interpreting that I need to either put on the lease or provide a physical address in WI where the tenant could send me something by mail. Anyone have a similar situation and what did you do? How do out of state investors usually handle this who don't have a PM?

I do have family in WI, but I am trying to avoid sharing their address with my tenants and I am not sure my family wants that either.


John Matarazzo

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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