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I am new to realestate and I'm getting ready to purchase my first flip.  Does anyone have a realtor and title company they would recommend near Lake Geneva Wisconsin?  Looking for investor friendly options.


Hi Mike I am a real estate agent and own a small construction company. We do flips all the time, there are a ton out there. We can't do them all so I would be able to help on both ends or point you the in the right direction. I am out of North Prairie Wisconsin so just north the Lake Geneva. I also work with two or three title companies I can get you hooked up with. Let me know if you are interested in talking get a hold of me. Thanks Dan 


Thanks for the response.  I would definitely like to connect with you sometime.  If you had an hour sometime to meet up I would like to buy you lunch or breakfast and chat.  I work from home part of the week and travel around the state on the other days, so meeting in Waukesha or near there would be easy to do.  Let me know what works for you.


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