Mastermind/Board Room Meet up.

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Is anyone in the Madison, WI area, interested in conducting a once a month Mastermind/Boardroom type of meet up?

It would consist of assisting each other with referrals, introducing & sharing ideas, strategies, potentially new niches to one another. Helping with deals and general business.

Let me know if anyone would be interested. Hey and if we are not connected, shoot me over a colleague request. Let's Connect!

@Matt Lea ,

Maybe, we should connect on the phone, to help set this up. Let me know what you think.

@Jason Tooley Works for me. I just sent you a colleague request to connect. Lets take this convo to Direct Message

hi jason and matt!!   

thanks for getting a night time group together!!

i am just starting to check this out... joined the madison reia, will be doing their blueprint class (just postponed to starting in march)

i am interested in finding out about your meetup!!

@Matt Lea,

Sent to you a DM.

@Amy Soderman,

We will keep you posted!

I'm interested. Add me to any updates

Hey everyone, thanks everyone for the replies. I will post some more information early next week as to when, where concerning this new group. 

Is this still on going? If so, I would like to attend.

Sorry, that is has taken this long, if all that has replied to the original post would like to attend a meetup, please respond to this comment. 

I would be interested in meeting up if this is still a plan. 

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