Property Management recommendations?

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Hi! I have an inherited property in Sobieski that currently is empty. Unfortunately, a pipe broke this week and while the plan is to sell the property in the Spring, my question is: Does anyone have recommendations for a management company or advice for taking care of the home from out of state? 

Hey @Lauren Hogan , I wish I could be of more help but I'm not sure if any property managers would take that on since you're selling it soon and since there's no rental income. Maybe they'd look into it for a set fee each month and then you pay them for their time? Also if you'd be open to keeping that property and getting a tenant in there there'll definitely be companies who'd take that on. I'm still holding off on property managers but a few of the ones I've heard good things from are Principal Property Services, GNP, and Vantage Point. 

@Lauren Hogan Can't help on Hvac because my hvac guy lives 3 hours away but for plumbing I've gone through Vern Kummers Plumbing. They're definitely more on the top end for plumbing pricing but they've always been able to come out quickly and get the job done quickly and well. Every contractor I've dealt with has been great with them. A lot of guys in trades like that are generally drunks who slop stuff together so I think they're worth paying a little extra for.