Cheyenne, WY Real Estate Meet Up

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Thanks to everyone who attended the open house at 6th Avenue on May 11, 2016.  It is always great to see everyone and talk about our successes (and trials)!  A special thanks to Cheryl Packham for coordinating the meet up. 

If there is enough interest, it would be nice to get together on a regular basis.  What does everyone think?

Thanks again.


"Lynn Buys Houses"

Thank you for the invite, I always learn so much. It is amazing what you have done for the community and your business in the short amount of time. The house looked amazing and look forward to the next meet up.

Hello to all, I'm Kyle and live in Laramie. I am new to REI and am looking for opportunities to meet up with other investors in the Cheyenne/ Laramie area. The wealth of knowledge and experience is indispensable to all and especially new investors such as myself. I would love to be informed of upcoming events/meet ups in our area. Contact me through BP for any opportunities or just to say hi.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing with all of you. Good luck on your ventures


Hi Kyle, there is a group of investors who are forming a group to meet each month. I think the next one will be in the October 16 at 5:30 at a location to be named. If you go to the site "meet up" you can see the details and join so you are sure to be notified  of future events and get connected. 

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