Can anyone recommend an employing Broker in WY ...

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Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.  I'm a small time fix and flipper in CO and would like to expand to WY.  I have my license in CO and am spoiled rotten as far as the fees go; 20 per month and 250 per transaction.  If anyone can recommend a Brokerage in WY that has reasonable fees, I'd love to hear about it.  Bought some land by Rob Roy Reservoir and going to build a cabin next year.  

@Paul Rogert wish I had an answer. Wyoming is a very closed system. The MLS is the only source of sold prices since purchase prices are not public information. The Brokers have the system locked up and don't plan on sharing anytime soon. You might have to start your own discount brokerage there. I'm sure the locals won't be very happy with you. BTW you should be aware that the required week long licensing class (your Colorado license doesn't cover Wyoming real estate law) must be taken in person. The class is offered once a quarter. The location rotates through the quadrants of the state so that each quadrant gets it's class once a year. Plan accordingly.

Bill nailed down your cost.  The nice thing is WY has no state income tax.  Now is probably a good time to buy as prices have gotten a little softer.  Good luck.

Thx for the reply guys.  Its a tease not having access to the WY mls (or the Cheyenne mls).

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