Cheyenne, Wyoming Meetup

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Like anywhere in Wyoming, it was initially difficult to find real estate investing networks when I moved here to Cheyenne, but after spending the past few days cruising the BP forums, I've realized there are far more of us than originally advertised. It doesn't, however, seem like there are any mediums for networking outside of BP, so I'd like to see about getting all of my fellow Cheyenne, WY real estate yahoos together to do just that - shake hands, rub bellies, eat wings, drink beers, and of course, network.

I don't have a particular time or place in mind, so I'll open this up to the Cheyenne natives for your recommendations and we'll see where we can take this thing. 

Just wanted to chime in here. I'm new to REI and am in Cheyenne. Would love to meet up with others in the area so I can get to know other investors in the Cheyenne area. I've bought and sold several homes in the past but have never bought for investing purposes so it is all new to me.

I you guys are planning a meetup, please add me to the group.  I will follow this thread to see what the progress is.  Really excited to see there are several people in this tiny little town that I can network with!

Do y'all have a regular meetup now?  I am interested in how things are going in Cheyenne for y'all.

We'll be having our first one pretty soon. I'm new myself looking to wholesale and eventually rehab so it will be nice to network.

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