Tenant wants to use unit for business purposes

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Hi everyone,

A potential tenant wants to use one of my units to live in (Montreal region), but would also operate his business from this unit. He says he would have 2 people working 9 to 5 in this unit, and wouldn't have too many external visitors. 

I'm wondering if there's any additional limitations I could add in the lease to protect myself against unforeseen consequences? I'm mostly concerned about excessive wear and tear. I searched the Régie du logement site for information but couldn't find anything worthwhile. 

Anyone else has experience with this type of arrangement?  

I'm a bit hesitant but we haven't had any other applicants in a few weeks so... 

Verify zoning restrictions!!! You could get into a lot of issues with the City.

Personally, I explicitly forbid business at my residential properties and make it a known default to void the lease.