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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any investor meetups in Calgary, AB Canada. I'm looking to connect with some people who have done a few deals and get a bit of guidance on how to start out.

hi Jason how are you? We are Investors of many years in calgary. We are currently in USA returning to Calgary at the end of the month. We've done many different deals in Calgary and would be happy to help out with any information you may need. Please let us on if you want to go for coffee. Veronica Pepin and Pet Dorey 

Veronica, I am in the same position as Jason, and would love to connect! I am hungry to learn more and get my foot in the door.  I would love to hear about your experiences in the Calgary market

Veronica and Pet, thanks for the reply. It would be my pleasure to sit down with you and have a discussion about investing in Calgary. Message me when you return to Calgary and we can setup a time and a location that will work. Liz, Jamilla, Kyle If anyone would like to meet up and share our knowledge, that sounds great to me. Let me know and we can setup a meet. Thanks a lot guys!

Hello All,

I am 24 years old from Calgary Alberta and just took possession of my first property. I am now looking at finding a few partners to get into the multifamily sector. Looking at buying a 4-10 plex. I am also in the process of completing my property management course and could manage and invest in the property. Looking at meeting like minded individuals and creating a long term partnership. 

My business partner and I have some capital that we are wanting to invest in the Calgary market. Would be interested in meeting up and discussing. Available between Sept 2 and 7?

If you are looking to invest in a smaller multi family property in Calgary, in my experience the cap rate and potential cash flows on those listed with the commercial brokers are awful at anywhere near the asking price.  Calgary may be the wrong jurisdiction for this type of investment.  

I was curious about a SW six plex and looked up the broker's proforma.  The document was misleading to the point I felt had it been a representation for a more regulated financial instrument such as a stock the broker licence would be jeopardized.   

Here are the common failings:

1. professional management is never factored into the equation 

2. vacancy drastically underestimated at 2.5% (this expectation is a farce in this market, keep in mind this means only 2 out of 72 rental months would be either not collected, owed, or lost due to vacancy)

3. cap ex drastically underestimated at $1200 per unit (this is on a 50 year old building...)

4. valuation of $200k per unit is used (dividing asking price by # of suites), far more than what each unit would retail for individually

5. cap rate is thereby overestimated at 4%, in my mind already far too low to justify any investment in this type of higher risk, high management effort, time consuming property.

Have fun with these proforma docs.  Post your favourite here so the community can ridicule it.

Hi everyone, 

I have some experience in the Real Estate industry with flipping, buy and holds and my latest endeavor involves a multi unit building. I know Veronica and her husband from the posting above as they are also involved in this particular multi unit deal. We are looking to grow this into many buildings and units but are going to need joint venture partners in the future. We will need cash and mortgage availablity if anyone is interested or would just like to chat real estate I always make the time for this. Send me a message I would love to connect. 


Yes I am I have two of my own strategy that allows me to not have to purchase a negative cash flow worn out 50 year old grade c building.  a) build multi family - register condo - sell units.  b) build multi family and hold for long term cash flow and mortgage pay down.  I currently own properties that will allow me to pursue both strategy (a and b), and I have finished multiple projects using strategy a.  These are highly targeted locations in the SW inner city that allow this to this model to be viable.  Needless to say these properties are not easy to come by and require significant cash to pursue.  Strategy b is best accompanied by a rezoning application to allow the land to be converted from r2 into a multi family zone, and yes this is a perilous process.

@Sean Kollee , great insight of the Calgary MFR market, and I felt the same way when I was looking at the listed MFRs in Calgary, they are either over priced, cap rate not based on 45% expense ratio or need a tear down or redevelopment plan for highest and best exit like you mentioned. Congrats on your success but I think is much tougher for investors without the construction know how to break into that market.

I was able to google previous MFR sales report from an agent named Shane Melanson. Some deals actually look pretty decent, I suspected they are off-market, and whatever we see on MLS are leftovers.

He has a pretty good blog about the Calgary apartments market.

@Jason Connolly , @Jamilla Mansoor & @Kyle Huffman  I used to live in Calgary until year 2000.  If I were to start in Calgary, I would definitely house hack, buy a 1 to 4 units with basement, take adv of the low interest rate for primary resident, live in one unit and rent out the rest, do AirBnB or furnished rental if you have the time.  

One of my family members are thinking of moving back and retiring in Calgary, so I am looking at this  model to see if it will work for them.

HI, Steven, we are interested in your offer for partnership in multifamily sector in Calgary, Alberta. If you are still looking for partners, please send me a PM and we can connect to discuss further. Thanks and look forward to talking to you. Veronica 

Hi All,

I realized this thread is a year old but I want to see the interest of holding a meet-up for everyone to come together and chat about real estate.

I'm new to the investing idea here. Very interested and would love to speak with some experienced people. I have lots to offer since I have been plumbing for 14 years and own my own business right here in Calgary.

@Karsten Nielsen @Andrew Pun

I am glad to see this post is building steam for interest. For everyone who has responded, please let me know your availability by posting in the below format. After two weeks, I’ll reach out and book a space for us. 


Day: M-F / Time:5:00pm -10:00pm 

Day: S-S / Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm 

Focus: mulit fam , 100K-300K 

Hey guys, I am new to Real Estate investing as well, but looking to grow and learn.I also own a construction company and have over 12 years in the industry and grew up under a general contractor. I’m available any time.  Thanks for setting this up Cody!