Hard money lenders in Calgary?

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Hey all, might anyone have recommendations on HML's in Calgary? I just lost the contract on a deal as conventional financing let me down too late in the timeline to be able to recover from. I don't want this to happen again, so have to find new sources of financing.

This one in particular was a personal home for us that we'd reno and refi, but would have enabled me to go from 1 to 3 doors once complete. Sadly we had fallen in love with the property and lost it. Anyway, hoping for some help to be better prepared on the next one! 

Thanks Chris! The info on their website looks good. I'll give them a call Monday. Still holding out hope we can get the deal back, but if not definitely want to be ready. May also look to someone like them for my investments going forward. 

@Chris Dittrick I think that Avenue Financial has the traditional lenders as well as hard money lenders. I could be wrong but I did talk to them a few years ago about a project I was doing, but for a variety of reasons, never ended up doing that particular project so it never went any farther than that.