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Potential investment property has below market tenants
Looking at a 1960's Duplex on the island - it's been updated inside so no need to renovate. Also won't be living in either unit - I've got one side vacated but the other has tenants that are $400-$500 below market... View more
Advice on property managers/ companies in Vancouver
Hi there, Am a relatively new forumer on BP. Was wondering, for those who own property in BC/Vancouver area, do you use a property manager/management company as advised by the numerous podcasts? And if so, which... View more
Van Island - Looking into developing
Super excited to be connecting with you all, thanks for taking the time to read! I'm a big sponge, soaking everything up, all feedback/suggestions is greatly appreciated in advance! 11 years experience in... View more
Any Investors in BC Lower Mainland and Tricities Area?
Hello, I'm looking to meet up and chat with any real estate investors in the Lower Mainland and Tricities area.  I'm located in Port Moody, BC.  If you would be interested in chatting online/in person/phone/creating a... View more
Meet up in Kelowna BC ??
Hi BP members located in the Kelowna & Okanagan areaWould anyone be interested in an investors meet up? I know circumstances aren't ideal right now with COVID but I think it could be fun to get a few people... View more
What are Market Rentals??
I was recently in touch with a sales rep from a MF development comprised of Townhouses and Condos that I have been looking to invest in. I was told that the condos are designated as "Market Rental" and cannot be owner... View more
Canadian Winter building requirements
Hi, I fashion a Canadian winter! Having really wanted to move to Canada for a while now, I am wondering what some of the extra requirements are to building in northern British Columbia. What are some of the added costs... View more
Home inspector and structure engineers in Vancouver?
Hi, BPers, I am here again kindly asking for recommendations, where I always get good ones. This time on home inspectors and structure engineers around Burnaby, BC. I prefer inspectors and engineers who are:(1)... View more
Investment Property in Penticton
Hi everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to buy an investment property with two other partners... It’s not. The place is a solid investment but one of the patenters went crazy and is being an unimaginable pain.... View more
Investing on Vancouver island
HeyCurious about anyone investing on Vancouver island - Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtney/comox areas.I am sure Victoria is expense and a bit tough these days, but maybe outlying areas?  How about further north up that... View more
Fraser Valley Investors
Hey all, investor based out of Abbotsford, BC but also have holdings elsewhere in Canada. New to the forum and interested in networking and communication with anyone based out of/investing... View more
What to look for in an accountant?
Hi, I'm looking to enlist a new accountant and want to have a new focus on my investments with this one. My previous one retired and I also hadn't put in a lot of effort with my investments and tax planning... View more
BC Assessment values
BC Assessment posted updated property assessed values on January 1st, 2019, assessed on July 1, 2018. I use these values as a conservative value when calculating my networth. All my properties have gone up in value. ... View more
First investment advice
I am a single mom to a toddler who recently sold our condo in North Vancouver to rent something bigger with backyard access. I'm worried about leaving the sale equity doing nothing for too long and eventually getting... View more
Refinancing After Outright Purchase of a SFH
My area currently has a few foreclosures available and many have come to the market over the last year or so. I have been trying to figure out how to get into the market and purchase one of these homes that are selling... View more
Tenant screening and rent collection in Canada
Hello, I am going to start landlord business in BC.How do you choose your good tenants, and what method do you use for rent collection? Does anyone use background check services and/or online payment (other than e-mail... View more
Are you interested in Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Hey BP,It's been quite the year for sure... putting COVID aside, I can say I've seen and heard some pretty amazing stories from investors here on Vancouver Island. We personally have transitioned from purchasing Turn... View more
Nanaimo meetup, anyone interested?
Hi BP people!I'm going to try to organize a meet up in Nanaimo if anyone is interested. I'm the new organizer for the Nanaimo Real Estate Investors Group on They have had dwindling numbers, and I'm hoping... View more
5 unit multi family financing
Hello everyone . I am struggling to avoid a commercial loan, my local broker is not having any luck with a residential loan (he has 2 lenders that are still looking) on a 5plex and the fees are so that a commercial... View more
Success with Buy & Hold rental property in the Fraser Valley?
Hello all, I am a new investor that has been doing a lot of research into REI over the last 3-4 months. Currently I own the condo I live in in Surrey, BC, and am hoping to acquire my first rental property this year. ... View more
BC housing bubble
This summer the BC housing market seemed crazier then it's ever been. Since the active housing market resulted in ballooning prices should BC be prepared for a market correction in the coming months or years?