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80%LTV multifamily investmentx North Okanagan
Hello Team. My wife and I have been looking at multifamily investment, weve come across a few 6 plus unit buildings with below market rents and good potential, however, we cannot get that sweet CMHC 85% LTV, low... View more
Recommendations for Institutional Investors in British Columbia
Hello Everyone, I am looking for recommendations and/or referrals for any institutional investors that you have had a great experience working with in British Columbia. I am doing a cap raise and have my OM ready to... View more
Looking for a Multi Family Architect in Kelowna BC
Hello BP,   I am looking for an architect in Kelowna, BC with experience in small multi family buildings that is reasonable in price. If anyone knows someone that would be appreciated. Thank you,Steve 
Real Estate Savvy Accountant
Hey All, I was wondering if anybody knows a good account, preferably in the interior however these days location doesn't really matter as much. I'm looking for advice as well as will need somebody to help come tax... View more
Would love to hear your plan for Training-Paying Acquisition Mgrs
Were ready to ramp up our Lead Get with sellers direct in New Castle County Delaware. Some of the biggest issues we had previously when ramping up is hiring quality Acquisition Managers here who are professional but... View more
Looking to meet some local with XP in flips
Looking to meet some local investors. Currently interested in investing in flips / foreclosures. Anyone with some experience willing to offer some tips and advice? Thanks!
Burnaby Property Inquiry?
Does anyone know how to do a property inquiry in Burnaby? In other municipalities you can search for it on their online database, but I can't seem to do it for Burnaby. I'm trying to get ahold of the owner to possibly... View more
Breaking leases early
Hello!  My tenant has a lease agreement in place that doesn't end until March next year.  However, they want to break their lease early to move into a bigger unit elsewhere.  Any idea what the rules around breaking... View more
Looking for References & Recommendations
Hi all,In the expensive market of Vancouver I was looking to see who other investors use for their - Mortgage broker, Inspector, Realtor, and Lawyer. Currently learning, goal of purchase is end of this year. Thanks!
Rising rents attracting investors in Vancouver
Article from the Canadian Real Estate Mag dated Oct 26, 2015High demand coupled with a lack of inventory. Sound familiar? That combination is not just the domain of the residential housing market, but also the... View more
Can anyone recommend a good agent to sell a condo in Abbotsford?
I've got a small condo in Abbotsford I'd like to sell in order to shift into other investments. Can anyone recommend a good agent? I'm located in Seattle, so I'm not local. I'm hoping I can find someone who can work... View more
New investor currently in Yukon, moving to Victoria?
Hi all! Time to stop lurking and give myself a proper intro. I'm 28 and my fiancee and I recently moved to Dawson city, Yukon. We love it here but find the lack of opportunities a little limiting. I am working as an... View more
Building new house or Remodeling ?
Hi there, I'm new on this forum and have been asking myself a few questions about the real estate market of BC. Me and my girlfriend have been looking into moving for 9months to british columbia ( We're from Quebec, CA... View more
Real Estate Clubs or other potential investers in Comox Valley BC
Hello fellow Vancouver Islanders.  I'm wondering if there are any other potential real estate investors in the Comox Valley or any surrounding areas (Nanaimo or Campbell River) who might know of any real estate clubs... View more
Recommendation of property manager in South Burnaby, BC
About to close on a rental property located in Southern Burnaby, BC. I appreciate any recommendation on good property managers in Burnaby, BC. Thanks in advance! :)
Buying a rental home in Chilliwack
Hi, I currently own a home in Cloverdale and have built up quite a bit of equity in it and would like to buy a 2nd rental house. I am leaning towards Chilliwack and undecided on getting a large lot/older house or... View more
Foreclosure list in Canada?
Hey Guys, I was wondering is it possible for us to get a foreclosure list like our friends in the south do or does it violate a privacy law? I googled it and some websites come up but its hard to tell if any of them... View more
Victoria BC Meet up group
Hello Everyone,My business partner and I have been working hard to put together a real estate meet up group in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. We bring in monthly guest speakers from real estate agents, mortgage... View more
Any BC Investors into Multifamily? 10+?
Just wanted to know if they're are any BC Investors into Multifamilies, where do you invest? Out of province? What's the cap rates like? Thanks!
Investing in Mobile Park Home for Rental Property
Hello BP,I am looking for a rental property investment and upon searching on MLS, I'm seeing mostly mobile homes within my budget and have good prospects of cash flow. What are the downsides of purchasing a mobile home... View more
Vancouver BC Looking For Mortgage Specialist
Hi everyone,I am an investor in Vancouver BC, and am looking for recommendations for a mortgage specialist here. So far, all of my deals have been privately financed. I have a recently formed company and expanding... View more
Kitimat anyone? Now's the time.
Hi BP people. I'm sure you've heard the news about Kitimat getting a $40 Billion LNG plant. They are expecting upwards of 10,000 employees to build the plant over the next 5-7 years. Kitimat currently has 8,000 people.... View more