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I would like to meet other people who are investing in the Surrey, BC area and hopefully learn from their experience.  Seek advice on getting started and maintaining a long successful career in real estate investing.

Hi Cheyne,

I'm in Surrey also - welcome to BiggerPockets! What kind of investing are you interested in? Be glad to share what I know - and maybe grab a coffee sometime! I'm in North Surrey. I'm interested in meeting other real estate investors and going to some meetings is a goal of mine this year.

Definitely would love to meet up with other Surrey investors (or investors from Surrey) for coffee. I have a fairly flexible daytime schedule and accommodate various times and schedules. Doesn't have to be a big meet up either since those can sometimes take longer to set up.

3 or 4 people at a Starbucks is all we need as a starting point!

I just purchase my first property in Surrey Central. I will be turning this into my first short term rental. I will keep you guys posted on how i do. I take possession anytime now.

hey Folks.  I am WA state licensed Realtor but i grew up in Surrey, Guildford specifically.  I've been thinking about getting my license up north and do what i do down here, help investors fix and flip properties.  I would love to meet RE investors in Surrey and get reacquainted with the area.  

Hello Folks,

I am a licensed Realtor working in the Lower mainland. I've lived in Surrey for 10 years and know the area very well. Like any other city, certain areas in Surrey are more desirable than others and the price of homes or condos can vary. As most of you know the market has cooled down a bit and this presents an opportunity to get into the market with a chance to actually have the property inspected prior to putting in an all cash offer.  I am available for a meeting to answer any questions you may have about getting into the market.

@Cheyne Vader

Welcome her to B/P. Great you like to invest in Surrey. I am here in Vancouver as I have clients here that invest with me in U.S. properties. I was born in Canada but have lived in Vegas most of my life. You will learn and network here on B/P, I have made some great connections here and enjoy helping other people here on this form. I am here in Burnaby, if you ever get close give me a shout.

@Cheyne Vader - Welcome to BP! It's great to see how many Canadian have been joining in the last year. When I first joined BP, it's was a lonely place for us Canucks.

There is a big educational seminar going on in Vancouver in two weeks held by REIN. It's an annual thing, and I'll be in town for it. I haven't been this particular seminar before, but I know many who have any they all say it's a great step-by-step guide to Canadian investing. Even though I'm a semi experienced investor, I think it's valuable to always go back to basics. Anyway, just wanted to let you know!


Hi All,

I am new to BP, just started following this few weeks ago and have to say that this is a great platform to learn and hear from like minded people with same financial goals. I wish we had more forums and discussions about Canadian/Vancouver market.

About myself, I am a 32 year old professional and shooting for an early retirement, hopefully by 45. Looking to buy my first REI by next year. Looking forward to hear from all of you guys about your experiences in Vancouver real estate market.

Welcome everyone to BP.
Lower Mainland is a great place to invest and we have done well. As you will learn on BP start with the end goal (10x it!) and work back documenting right down to your daily/weekly/monthly goal to get there.

Surrey is an interesting market to invest in. I personally wouldn't invest there myself and prefer other areas in vancouver and lower mainland.

Did this meet up happen? Not sure if achieving the 2% rule is possible in metro Vancouver. I live in surrey also but now just invest in the USA. 

Does anyone know of a lender in BC that will give me a loan to purchase in the USA? 

Just stumbled across this thread again from search.  doesn't look like its happened yet...but the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining (today it is anyway) - let's get something going! 

@Pawan J. what areas are you currently investing in? And has it changed at all since your post in this thread 5 months ago? 

@David Parker sounds good!  I'm in the South Surrey area quite often for work so could definitely meet for coffee.  Starbucks at either Southpoint (by the Save Ons) or Grandview (beside Steve Nash gym) could work for me early next week.  let me know!

Hello all! We've been searching for a full duplex in Surrey, preferably built within the last 10 years, and around 5000sqft total. We already have a realtor that we're working with, but will pay a referral fee for any leads that fit our criteria and we are able to close on. 

@Pawan J. It looks like this might be your area of expertise? We're are also open to doing new construction, particularly if any developers have appropriately zoned land and are looking to do pre-sale construction arrangements.

Originally posted by @Ko Seng :

I just purchase my first property in Surrey Central. I will be turning this into my first short term rental. I will keep you guys posted on how i do. I take possession anytime now.

 Congrats on your first investment property! keep us posted. 

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