New investor currently in Yukon, moving to Victoria?

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Hi all! 

Time to stop lurking and give myself a proper intro. 

I'm 28 and my fiancee and I recently moved to Dawson city, Yukon. We love it here but find the lack of opportunities a little limiting. I am working as an electrician but we're looking at moving to Victoria after this winter. I'm currently analyzing the real estate market there as I want to transition into full time investing. 

I haven't bought a house before and I'm looking to make my first deal. My goal right now is 5k a month in cash flow by the time I'm 35. 

I would love to network with investors in Victoria, or anywhere in BC. What do you guys think of the market down there? Also if you're ever in Dawson, look me up! 

Hey - congrats for looking to get into the real estate investment world!  I am not overly in tune with Victoria, but can speak about the Shuswap/Okanagan - where my investment portfolio is.  Depending on price point there are a range of options, although Kelowna is getting quite competitive (as I would assume Victoria is as well).   Always enjoy networking - if you want some info on the market here, what some investment options are and what kind of returns this part of the province can generate - let me know!  

I would agree with @Chris Muller Kelowna is a great market for investment, it is getting more competitive but we are still able to find deals that meet our requirements. 

I have also been watching the Victoria market and it seemed that prices were slightly higher and on the rise a little faster then the Okangan. 

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Victoria. 


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