Van Island - Looking into developing

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Super excited to be connecting with you all, thanks for taking the time to read! I'm a big sponge, soaking everything up, all feedback/suggestions is greatly appreciated in advance!

11 years experience in Residential, Commercial and Industrial construction, 3 of that in a management role. Connections across the entire Island.

Just testing waters to see if anyone would be interested in development. Starting small(SFH), and working from there, the sky is the limit.

I can go on for hours, if this somewhat interests you, let's chat!

My primary focus is from Victoria to Nanaimo.

Thanks again!

not a lot of BPers are familiar with your slice of the world.. I would be interested in what you have going on.. I can fly up there in about an hour.. although I mainly go to Friday harbor..

I have invested and lent money in BC in the past.  Love the area.. been all over VAN island from one end to the other and over to the pacific side.. you may want to keep that slice of heaven a little more private LOL  Folks that live in middle America have NO CLUE

Thank you for the reply Mr.Hinrichs, I appreciate it a lot. Reading your profile write up was amazing!

Happy to hear you have walked this beautiful Island of ours! It really is paradise, a whole new world.

Nanaimo is becoming a hot spot for people working in Vancouver, and is only going to explode with the new proposed foot passenger ferry that's coming, with a 68 minute trip from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

No secret about retirees coming out here, and speaking with local realtors, it's increasing dramatically.

If a flight up here is ever in the works, a family run elite fishing charter in Port Renfrew with your name on it if you're ever interested, would love to chat!

Hi Wendel, I'm trying to source off-market sellers and currently speaking to a private seller who owns 2 lots here in the greater Victoria area. One lot offers amazing views of the Gulf Islands / San Juan Islands / Mt Baker). This lot should be able to accommodate a duplex, circa 3 beds/bath, approx 2,000sqft each side. The smaller lot will able to accommodate a SFH with a secondary suite. At this time I'm looking into builders to discuss building costs etc. Soon I shall be reaching out to investors...

Thank you for the reply Sarah! I appreciate it, I am definitely interested! Very, very interested, I bring a lot to the table.

I'm sure you're well aware of the record lows for properties for sale Victoria right now, it's a great time for a project like this.

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