Truro, Nova Scotia Meet Up

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Hi all,

To all the real estate geeks out there! We will have our 4th Bigger Pockets meetup on January 20, 2019

around 1pm in Truro. Place TBD.

It is a casual "meet and greet and go with the flow discussion".

Great way to pick each other's brains, make friends and to expand your network! :)

@Jeremy Zwicker @Jake Wing @Anthony Sartor @rinujan kananesan

- Jacob Geronimo

Just an idea for you guys since you're all so close...

Scott McGillivray is speaking in Halifax on Jan 19th. Learn from the master and then stay in the lounge afterward for a drink and networking. Well worth the drive, the guy is a genius in all things real estate! Here's the link if you're interested:

I'll be there myself and hope to meet some of you


Trevor :)

Oh wow this is great. Thanks for sharing! I will book this off and be there. 

Sharing it to my friends too :)


I have been to his seminar 2 years ago, and then went to the workshop. It was a good jump start.
I'll probably show up to the free seminar again this year just to network.

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