Cameron dunlap SCAM!!!

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Cameron Dunlap offers a funding service for which he manipulatively requires $1000 as a RETAINER and upon completion of your first funding, your $1000 would be knocked off from the 3/4 points charges....he also gives you access to his online iFlip course, Foreclosure University as a bonus (this is only online access and never dispatched - as it was in my case). This course is supposed to get you started and help you with the necessary (or some of the essential) orientation on foreclosure properties.

Provided that I am in the UK, I was advised flipping houses could be done from my physical location shouldn't be of any concern. When it became apparent after putting in some significant effort, that it is imperative to have local intelligence and foot-soldiers to make this thing work, I returned to Cameron's team and asked for a return of my $1000 retainer, notifying them of the difficulties I was having coupled with my dad's critical health (which led to his decease).

After a back and forth battle, they made reference to the foreclosure course (which I never received) as having a 30 days return policy - and since the course has been sent out, it cannot be returned (again I pointed out that the course was never dispatched as I did not receive anything here in the UK from Cameron).I made it clear that I paid for the offered RETAINER (which ensures that I secure financing from Cameron when I have a deal to close) and not the course. And according to Cameron’s suggestion during the webinar I attended, the retainer came with a bonus of the course and not the other way around. Hence, I should be able to get my money back considering I have not used my money for its intended purpose – if the company had not intended to deliberately mislead and scam people knowing fully well that whether or not a deal is done, the money WILL never be returned.

In summary, Cameron has several channels and several programs deceitfully packaged to ensure people commit their money. Never count on Cameron dunlap’s words……I had made several effort to get in touch with cameron himself directly but someone in his team would always respond with the same line confirming that Cameron does not care about any customer once he’s intentions to con you have been fulfilled. Mine is still with them till date and as a matter of fact, my account now no longer exists on their system.

WATCHOUT for Cameron Dunlap people!!!!he is a CON ARTIST...

Hope this helps someone.

@Tope Rockland
Sorry to hear about that. I recall hearing about Cameron Dunlap and his shenanigans when we lived in Norbiton back in 2010.

Where in London are you focusing your efforts? We observed the lack of a multiple listing service - are you using agents to find properties?

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Tope, I respect your perspective and I am sorry to hear that it didn't work out well for you with Cameron. Have you spoken to them or their management to work it out? They did for me. Always have.

I bought their Vacant House Data Feed when it first came out. I asked them politely if I could switch from that to their No Fee Funding program and they honored that. There was a difference in price which had to be accounted for, but my experience with Cameron and his support team, is different than yours.

For everyone else, I want to share my experience with Cameron...

I bought my first property in 1999. My Dad got into RE before I was born, so I grew up around it. I joined his brokerage company in 2002 and sold apartment buildings for several years until the apartment market started crashing. But I "didn't know what I didn't know" and Cameron Dunlap was one of the people that I chose to emulate. I bought most of his trainings, softwares, and joined his inner circle program. He taught me how real estate investing really works, from his personal experiences, so that I didn't have to learn the hard way, like he did. As I ran into successful real estate investors in my own market, they all told me that I was "doing it right".

I can't say enough about Cam. He is a trusted advisor to this day and I have been following him for 5 years or so. I have even done some work for him.

My belief is that real estate investing and business in general is 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration. You have to learn some things, but for every hour you spend learning, you should spend 4 hours implementing what you learned.

I appreciate your comments on my personal experience of using Cameron's product/service. In as much as I like to agree with you that circumstances and experiences may vary, considering the proportionality of surrounding parameters, I don’t appreciate Cameron's use of deceptive and deliberately evasive terms.....In my case, I paid a “Retainer” towards the potential use of his funding service….he (cam) did not pitch for a foreclosure course sale - but rather, the course was a bonus in Cameron’s own words during the webinar (prompting web-attendees to go ahead and pay the deposit, reiterating there is nothing to lose) it has become apparent, all those that did not get to the ultimate apex of closing a deal (with the use of his funding service) NEVER GOT THEIR $1000 BACK!....

Cameron and his team have an alternative (fraudulent) plan to deploy any of the enclosing add-ons as an underlying clause to circumvent the existence of any obligatory annulment.

This is my experience; I hope others don’t have to undergo the same...

And btw Nick, in case you're not aware, going to a vendor's site for reviews of that same vendor's service/product is not quite a prudent thing to is fair to say - these days no vendor is dumb enough to allow (genuine) unfavourable reviews of its own products/services on its platform. Hence, a smart thing to do is to consult independent repositories and forums like BiggerPockets and the likes.

Hope this helps. 

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Cameron and his team are dedicated to a customer first philosophy. Our Mission Statement is “We are dedicated to providing innovative, world class products and superior support that make a difference in our customers’ lives. By seeing their successes and learning how they feel about them, we are constantly motivated to grow and improve everything we do.”

In this particular case, our most popular funding program was purchased on 8/21/13 and comes with a no-nonsense 30-day unconditional refund guarantee - which is typical. The price of the program was $1,000, which would be applied towards future funding fees on the Tope’s first deal. The order was placed online and sadly an inaccurate shipping address was provided. It is not clear how this happened, but our Client Support team worked hard to remedy the matter for our valued customer.

Our Client Support team worked closely with Tope for months, as he utilized our various services that are part of the program. It wasn’t until 1/15/14 that Tope requested to exercise his refund option. Our team explained on the phone and over email that the refund period expired 4 months prior. No dissatisfaction with our posted policy was ever expressed until now.

It’s not often that our clients are dissatisfied, but if they ever are, we want to make it right, even if that means making an exception in the interest of full customer satisfaction. We’ve spent the last several weeks calling and emailing Tope, asking that he contact us. Tope, if you’re out there, we are trying to issue you a refund!

I used Cam's proof of funds many times back when I didn't have my own, and as he promised, he provided a statement to verify the available funds. I only used them to fund one deal (the only one I ever submitted for funding to them), and they bent over backwards to make that deal happen, and I made $9,400 as a result of "double closing" the short sale -- something I couldn't have done without Cam and his team.

I'd suggest not using your unfortunate circumstances as a reason to want to back out of the terms you agreed to when you bought his system. Of all the gurus out there, there's no one with a better reputation or commitment to integrity than Cameron Dunlap. 

Julia W, I have no record of any attempt to reach me either by phone or email. I have left you a note with my contact details (which have been the same right from time) 

Jim Zaspel, welcome on-board! As we have no means of verifying your claims, we may never know if was a sponsored effort...

section 1 of your second paragraph is nothing short of counterfactual. And the later part, I guess we will see to it If my refund is processed as suggested by Julia W.

Jim, apply your suggestions to yourself if you've been found wanting.  

"unfortunate circumstances" did u say? Perhaps you should review your thoughts and try again. Your information is unfounded.

I want to state here, that I have no personal problem with Cameron Dunlap. I have never met him, but only know about him through long years of on and off postings/blogs on the internet.  However, here is my experience with his Vacant House Data Feed program.  I decided to take him up on his (10) free leads promotion for the program; and out of the (10) free leads, (5) were not vacant. Perhaps he (not one of his employees) would take the time to explain here on Bigger Pockets, how he specifically verifies that a property is vacant.  A 50% record is abysmal. His verification process obviously isn't anywhere near being accurate.  Well Cameron, how about it?

Well I haven't used any of his other products/services since my posting here. However, I would like to confirm that, largely in part to this publication effort, I have received a refund for my retainer and hope others who have put their hard earned money down follow in this direction.

Best of luck everyone.

Kevin, I 'took him up' on his offer of ten free vacant house leads.  I have started a series of letters to the owners and after two weeks three of them have gotten back with me.  We'll mail the others four more times but I think three in ten is pretty good and it's still early.  Does anyone know what the vacant house data feed costs to actually buy it?

Question.........Do you have ANY HOMES in the UK, or do you all live in Mud huts??? Why i am asking is your ACTUALLY trying to do Fix & Flips in the USA living in the UK??? Whats wrong with your own back yard??...........Plus why / how would you expect any program to Refund you after wasting FOUR (4) MONTHS of their time after giving you and everyone a Fair 30 days (1 mth NOT 4mths) money back Guarantee...........Your NOT REAL just anoither internet TROLL or you would be doing deals in your own back yard......the UK the way.....Are you 15 years old??

I will attest that I have used Cameron's system for over 3 years.  While my business grew and changed needs away from some of the product offerings, the No-Fee Funding service has been a staple product that I have continued to keep and use.  Julia and the team has come through without fail every time I've used the service paid for.  I can personally say he is far from the con artist you are claiming.

Steve - If you will go back and re-read my post, you'll see that I said nothing about contacting any of the leads.  I said that out of the (10) leads provided, (5) were not vacant.  I physically went to all (10) properties to check on vacancy.  I won't say here how I found out if the properties were vacant, as Dunlap might use the information to spin an excuse as to why his system is accurate, when it clearly is not.  His verification process (which I invited him to share here on this forum, and he didn't bother to reply), is junk.  My guess would be that he pays some poor schmuck to use up his gas money and put lots of miles on his vehicle doing as many as possible in a day, by simply going to the door and knocking on it.  If he gets an answer, the home is not vacant.  Since he refuses to tell us what his verification process is, I think that that should be a first clue as to how he conducts business.  Can't argue with those who have had a good experience with him, but you can't simply ignore all the poor experiences on various sites telling about poor experiences either.  I always say: Buyer Beware

I have spoken a few times with one of Cameron's interviewers from Utah and am thinking of partnering with him in his mentor/partner program.  He said it is entirely funded by Cameron and help with wholesale transactions are performed along with a mentee.  Besides the initial sign up fee all deals are split with Cameron on NET profits and he mentioned a guarantee to make back the initialf fee with the future partnership transactions.  I would be his "boots on the ground" and help with inspections, photos, info gathering.  They would help with the deal, funding and finding buyers.

Anyone have experience in this program with Cameron Dunlap?  If so, can I contact you to get more details?

I am sincerely sorry for your loss and I hope that you are healing well.  What are the specifics of your efforts and what is the time period of these efforts? Are you saying that at the time of purchase product details and deliver information wasn't shared? Are you saying that there wasn't a full disclosure of 30day warranty, list of products and or bonuses? What information did they ask you to provide in terms of contact information. Did they ask you for your delivery address? When mentioning foot soldiers what specific efforts did you employ to build your team of professionals to assist you? When did you ask for a refund before the 30 days were up or after and how long in between?  There are too many questions to which you did not provide enough information to determine what the outcome should have been concerning the 2 parties involved in the transaction. Does the UK have an alternative to out Better Business Bureau? 

I'd like to share my brief experience with Cameron to add perspective. I signed up for his $10 introductory vacant house data feed, and found that the information is protected- view only- and cannot be used to create a mailing list. The only option is to go through his very pricey mailing service. I found this deceptive and annoying. Much worse, I got a total of four unwanted contacts, including a robocall, from Cameron pushing his other services, just in the two days it took me to block his numbers and email addresses. The impression I got is that he's a sleazy dude trying to squeeze whatever he can out of new investors. 

To speak directly to some of the feedback above in his defense- if Cameron told Tope that flipping works from a distance, then Cameron is definitely FOS and willing to waste a lot of someone's time and money just to make himself a quick payday. That's just ridiculous. 

Just my two cents here, but IMO there are better, legitimate, sources of leads and educational services. 

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I paid $1,500 for Cameron's I-Flip program, which was introduced to me by Robyn Thompson. I checked 10 properties in my area and did drive by's . All of them seemed to be vacant with one being a FSBO and one being rehabbed. Calling the numbers he listed in the leads, out of the 10, only 2 had voicemails, some were faxes, some did not have VM set up, and the rest did not have a valid number. When I purchased the program, I was told that the mailings would be free, however, I paid $168 for it and several cards came back with duplicate addresses and with matching addresses that were actually omitted from my mailing campaign. Since the mailing campaign through his program didn't work I was contacted by Brittaney and she handled the mailings herself. She had to manually add the mailing addresses due to the program glitch. I questioned this because the program was sold to me as a solid deal flow but she didn't respond to it. It made me think that the program was fairly new and they hadn't worked out the kinks. Throughout the entire program I noticed flaws. For example: If you ran a query for vacant properties, it gave you certain information on the screen but once you pushed it to the "save leads" screen, it omitted that information and you had to go through it manually one by one. There is a limitation of 1,000 leads/month to download to Excel, which wasn't mentioned before I bought the program. I was not aware that I had to "manually" find bird dogs in order for someone to check out the deals, Cameron said that his websites would find them for me. I set up 5 websites from his program and so far not one email or one lead coming from it. He omitted the marketing effort on my part when he sold the program.

I receive about 2-3 emails daily from his company to upsell me on other products or services he provides that should have been included in the program he sold.  I did call him on one of the emails which stated that he was looking for partners and he would train.  When I called, I spoke with a John who was very "salesy".  I found out that they wanted me to put $12,000 on my credit cards to pay for the mentoring program and then they would take 50% of each of my deals.  First of all, if I wanted a partner, I wouldn't have to put money up and secondly, if I find deals, I am going to keep the majority of it myself.  John kept saying that I should speak with Brad and Chad in their office to explain further.  I told him that I can only speak in the evening, yet, John kept calling me during the day leaving me a message to call back.  When I called back in the evening, the number returned a busy signal without being able to leave a message.  I tried several times.  This smells fishy to me like any other guru.  What stuck in my mind was when John said that "they are a data company"!  That was all I needed to hear as confirmation.  

To this day, I am still testing out the leads with my investor partners nationwide.  I like the fact that I can get vacant data from any part of the US.  However, one still has to follow through on the calls, emails, or mailing campaigns to find out if the properties are even up for sale.  Cameron makes it all sound too easy in his promotion to get you to sign up but one still has to put in all efforts to get a deal.  Hopefully, with a bit of luck I can find a seller, and when I do, that it is a viable deal for investment.

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I first met Cam through Ron LeGrand's real estate training several years ago.  I've attended Cam's foreclosure training and his training at Ron's events.  The training was, in my opinion, very good.  Having said that, like most all of the trainers/gurus he does have services he tries to upsell.  That's everyone's choice to purchase or not.  My experience has been mixed but overall I'm pleased with what I've purchased.  He now has a combination program called The Four Pillars of Real Estate which includes the Vacant House Data Feed.  My problem with the vacant house data feed program is that most of the addresses are not vacant.  I've driven over 320, so far, in northern California and the error rate is from 76% to 93% occupied depending on the city or town.  The problem is that, in spite of what is claimed, he simply can not verify all as vacant.  When he claims they are "verified" it means his source of the data is supposedly verifying vacants.  Core Logic, a couple of weeks ago, reported there are approximately 1.4 MILLION vacant houses in the US.  But, Cam's list is better than nothing in finding a few vacant houses.  Actually, the best list is one you develop by driving every street in your city.  I know of one other source of a list of vacant houses but they use the same source as Cameron and charge much more. Also Cam has significantly cut out much of the functionality of the program supposedly due to "security issues."  So, except for the Vacant House Data Feed, which he significantly oversells but under delivers, I've found Cam's products to be fairly presented.  But, I haven't used all of them.

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@Bob Davidson

Thank you for sharing your experience.  It appears that the data comes from the USPS system of no mail delivery to those addresses in 90 days or more, they are then marked "vacant".  Do you think there is an easy way to access that data directly from USPS and if so, how much does it cost?  Would be curious to hear because I don't plan on paying another $1,500 or more when the year expires.  

I have not found anybody actually using the software to its full capacity and knowing whether it works and flows through like he claims.  With the little bit I have seen so far it is not flawless at all and I had to reenter info all over again (i.e. when it is pushed from the saved data or vacant house data feed to the follow up flow).