Deed grabbers

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I am also looking in to them. so far I also have not found or heard anything bad yet. I am thinking aout buying there course. If I do I will post how good or bad it is.

I too am looking into purchasing their course, I will post the outcome when I get it. Good or Bad, I am finding out that since I have been looking into Tax sales Lein or deeds he does explain it more then others.

I know this is an old post but I have purchased Rick Dawsons "Land Grabber" . This seems to be pretty much like deed grabber but it works only with land. I made this purchase under a month ago and have been working quite a bit on this. It seems like I will be making money soon. If anyone want to know about my experience with the land grabber system, reply to this and I will let everyone know if I am making any profit.