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On this same note, does anyone know Phil Pustejovsky? I am considering his coaching program because he seems to me like a very genuine guy and his fee are NOT as hefty in perspective; I mean compared to many others I have seen so far.

Why aren't there just mentor willing to take a 50/50 cut on deals by signing a "joint venture agreement" attached to all deals?

I get it that a lot of people quit or try to play them; there's all kinds of people out there. Meanwhile, those such as myself who are ethical, honest and genuinely ready to but with little money to start aren't getting the chance they should because of these hefty entrant fee....

@Bizi Kayumbi try the search functions. There are numerous post about that person. Such as this one.

I strongly encourage you to do some reading here and ask questions. If you have little money but have time you can learn everything here you could from one of these expensive mentors. If you have little money and little time, then you're going have a hard time succeeding in any cash. Dreams of starting with nothing, spending no time working on your business and having fat paydays are just that - dreams.

@john Holdman I understand. I know there is a reality to this. I realize that with no time and no money, nothing can be done. But I have some time on my hands just not as much money to start as I'd like or need. I'm an Investment Performance analyst and My FT job ends at 4pm with no work on weekends. I spend a lot of time reading and commenting on this blog recently.

Being new I am still struggling with marketing for motivated sellers (the step 1). There are seasoned investors such as yourself who know tons on these subjects, have written about it a lot and I'm sorting through and reading a lot on it.

I am trying to reach out to the more seasoned investors to serve as guides in my early stage. With that said, I would appreciate it if you could help answer some questions as I progress and need advice. I'm driven enough to learn the steps and from there be successful in Real Estate investing.

I will read about Phil, as you suggested! Thank you!

I started out watching Phil's videos on YouTube, which were actually pretty informative. there was a good bit of substance there. So after I watched a number of those, he gained a little credibility with me, compared to the other "Gurus" out there. So i bought his book, "How to be a REI" and read it. I was a little disappointed. Not much substance at all. At that point he seemed more like the others. It was mostly stories about himself or others that he had mentored. There were no "Deep Dive" details on how to really go through the different investment processes. So, that's when I started doing more research and found BP. Just from what I've seen so far, this is where I need to be at this point. As for Phil, I would suggest to just stick with his videos. There is a little meat there.

Man, this Phil guy is on this forum a lot! A mentor is great, but holy cow does he take a lot of your profit after he teaches you what to do! Glad I didn't buy into one of these programs before I started to know how to invest in real estate.

@David Mayfield I too found Phil on YouTube and BP from there. I personally think that you could get the same knowledge here that you'd pay for from Phil (and the BP community gives free help btw for any questions you may have). That being said, if you're ready to spend $ on training, go Pro here instead.

Just my opinion...worth maybe 2 cents.

I was the same listening to his videos even thought about getting into the program myself but after a few lengthy phone conversations with their sales people it started to sound like i should pass. That is just my personal opinion.

The few issues I had was the 6k upfront to get into his program. I was kinda cool with 200 a month ( which they will cover for the first 90 days which is great) because of the access you get and even the 50% split was alright if I am getting great support.

What really turned me off is I wanted to get some feedback from people on the videos who have been so successful. I found a few on LinkedIn I think but none mentioned Phil's program. (Which was strange giving all the success they had) I even called Billy Busch here in Dallas asking to see if he would meet to discuss the program but got someone from his "office" saying he wasn't in. Never received a call back. On my last conversation I asked if they would be able to set something up and they acted like that wasn't possible but would try to see if he was available. They also mentioned I wouldn't work with mentors in my area. I go into a few of my other investigative techniques through real property searches on other individuals attached to this program but it would be to much to type. There are a few other threads on here where people supported him and I even tried to contact them....nothing.

You really need to do your own homework and while this program is not for me it could be for you. Any question about real estate investing I have I post it on here and get great feedback.

@Alexaundra McCormick $997 is the first charge they will make you pay. Rest absolutely assured it is not the last one. $6000 is probably not the end of it, either. Based on your previous posts you are exactly the person these gurus are targeting. These people are selling a dream of quick and easy riches. This dream does not exist. It is possible to make money in various real estate business. Its neither quick nor easy. In another thread you wrote:

If $1000 is all you have to invest in you real estate future what would be the best way to invest it. How could you build wealth in real estate with just $1,000 to start off with?

If you truly have only $1000 to "invest", I strongly urge you not to spend it on any $1000 course. I have. Several times. I won't say there were complete wastes of money. But close.

If you look at a few other posts about Phil the upfront cost varies and I am sure they base it off the amount you have to invest. When I started asking about people in the program and anyone I could talk to about their experiences that's when it went south for me. You will also see a few people jump on the forum to defend him but when I tried to contact them as well I got nothing.