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I'm trying to study as much as possible and obtain as much literature before i jump out into the field. I have a huge collection of courses, so i'm wondering if anybody is interested in trading courses with me? If so shoot me a e-mail thanks. here is my list

Ron Legrand "Wholesale Retail Cashflow System
Ron Legrand "Lease Option Cashflow System"
Ron Legrand "Forsale By Owner"
Ron Legrand "Paper Power"
Ron Legrand "Business Management"
Ron/ Jeff Kaller "Short Sells"
Ron Legrand "Multiple Listing Service bootcamp"
Ron Legrand "Private Lending Bootcamp"
Ron Legrand "Land Trusts"
Ron Legrand "Lease Option Bootcamp
Ron Legrand "Wholesale Retail"
Ron Legrand "Prettyhouse Bootcamp"
Ron Legrand "Sellin Houses Fast"
Ron Legrand "Guerilla Marketing"
John Burly "Advanced Level 5 Investment Bootcamp"
Peter Conti & David Finkel "Intensive Training"
Peter Conti & David Finkel "How To Buy Apartments With No Money Down"
Jim Banks "Probate Workshop"
Alberta Lowry "Real Estate Investors Course"
Ted Nichols "How To Pull Successful Sales Letters"
Scott Scheel "Coloassal Cash"
Chuck Smith "Huge Profit Fast Turning Luxury Homes"
Scott Rister "Motivated Sellers II"
Jeff Kaller "MasterMind"
Randy & Charlie France "Ez-Lease To Own"
Randy & Charlie France "ABC's Of Subject To"
Robyn Thompson "Rehabbing Houses For All Cash"
Richard Desich "Accelerated Wealth Building Thru IRA's"
Lou Brown "Land Trusts"
Lou Brown "Renovations"
Lou Brown "Property Management"
Lou Brown "Buy Sell Hold"
Lou Brown "Lease Options"
Lou Brown "Negotiations"
Robert Kiyosaki "Choose To Be Rich"
Robert Kiyosaki "The Perfect Business"
Robert Kiyosaki "Cashflow 101"
Robert Kiyosaki & Dolf De Roos "6 steps To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Investor"
Robert Kiyosaki "Cashflow Quandrant"
Carlton Sheets "No Down Payment"
Robert Allen "Creating Wealth With Real Estate"
Robert Allen "Multiple Streams Of Income"
suzie Orman " The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom"
Brian Tracy "21 Secrets Of Millionaires"



You have a lot of courses...that's great!

I like Ron LeGrand a lot too.

I'm not sure if I have anything you don't already have to trade but I'm very interested in Ron LeGrand's Business Management course as well as some of the other ones you have about Land Trusts, Property Management and Motivated Sellers.

I wish I would have seen your post before I sold my Kathy Kennebrook Marketing Magic I & II Courses...they are great!

Let's see...

Here's what I have...

Ron LeGrand:
Pretty House Boot Camp Manual
Ugly House Boot Camp Manual
For Sale By Owner
How To Get The Money to Fund Your Deals

Jeff Kaller/Ron LeGrand:
Short Sales

Wolff Couple (Brian & Lynette Wolff)/Ron LeGrand:
What to Say to Buy Houses
What to Say to Sell Houses

Anything there you don't already have that you might be interested in?

Let's see, I trade you a Preston Ely ebook for the Ron Legrand Lease Purchase tape?

Out of all those course which ones did you find the most beneficial? Have you made any decent profits from the info?


How much would you want for your cd's each?

I would be curious also, which courses were the best and taught you the most valuable info?

Do you mean to tell me that you have ALL of those courses and you haven't just dove in to the business yet????? What is wrong with you? Dude - you do NOT need any more book, tapes, CD, boot camps, or seminars about how to be a real estate investor. You need to buy ONE MORE book - and make sure it's the best you can find on IMPLEMENTATION.

I don't have a course that is not listed here.  But, are you interested in selling 1 or 2?

you have way too much information- overload!!!

Buy a property.

Do you have any of these courses you want to sell?

@Chris Smith this post was from 10 years ago and a lot has happened since I'm curious if your portfolio is as large as your book course collection now??? Or if you're even still active on BP? 

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