I want to know if this is good

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The organization has been around for a lot of years. I have never head much that was good and just a little that was bad.

What would be the point of any association with them? If you need information or advice you can get most of that from this site or others.

John Corey

I have absolutely no knowledge about what they offer, how competent they are, how helpful they are or how honest they are. I do know that I have read that it's pretty easy to spend


which pretty much tells me everything I need to know. In my 29 years in REI the most I've spent has been on membership in an REI club and the TIME I've spent on this and other sites. Because I'm a niche investor a lot of techniques don't interest me, other than in passing, but I can tell you that the depth AND CURRENCY ABOUT CHANGING LAWS that you will find here cannot be matched by someone who's trying to "cover all bases" in every state.

That and I consider any organization who's KEY FOCUS is on getting you to sign up NEW MEMBERS to be primarily a PYRAMID SCHEME.

It's odd how so many of our newbies on this site fall into one of two groups:

1. I have no cash, no credit but I want to get started and

2. I have $3K, $6K, $12K burning a hole in my pocket, what should I spend it on?

Save your money, you'll all the knowledge, encouragement (as well as blunt, REAL WORLD assessments) and guidance on how the numbers look on potential deals, RIGHT HERE.

all cash

Once you pay them the 16,000.00 you can get half of the 16,000.00 of all the people you sign up.
Sounds to me like they are selling classes as a way to make money.

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