Best Phone Service for Business?

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What's the best phone service for your business.  I've looked at the following and read horrible reviews: 

- Ring Central


- Vonage Virtual PBX

- Freedomvoice

So, is there any good provider?!? lol.  I went to the 8x8 website but it seems as though you have to actually buy a phone and set it up at home.  I guess I could have it forward to my cell phone however I like the cloud approach.  Especially when having Virtual Assistants help.  

I've used Google Voice but I want multiple numbers that can be sent to my cell.  Google Voice won't allow multiple numbers for some weird reason.  

Please give me the skinny on your experiences.

You could try Toktumi. I used them for a couple of years and was satisfied with the service. It isn't perfect but its cheap and will do what you need it to. 

Here is their link:

Good luck

I've used Ring Central for several years and find it to have all the features I need - save for texting, which they recently added but I haven't tried out yet.

I think it is quite powerful due to its advanced features and how it can be customized.  Sadly, with such sophistication comes complexity.  I dread having to go into the system to make modifications.  I have to keep cheat sheets in order to do basic tasks such as placing a new outgoing message for a property.  Nevertheless, it really does the job for me.

Here are a few of the features I use:

  • Two different phone numbers - I can use different numbers for different marketing efforts to see what the relative response is to the different media or message. (I believe you can have as many different phone numbers as you'd care to pay for.)
  • Outgoing messages describing multiple different properties ("For information about the 2 bedroom apartment at 102 Clark Place, press 1. For information about the 3 bedroom apartment at 234 Hawthorne, press 2....")
  • Phone tree so that callers can choose to speak to a human or listen to the property messages
  • Phone tree by-pass for existing residents (I use caller-ID to route current residents straight to the on-call phone without them having to navigate the phone tree).  
  • Schedule whose phone rings when (my wife doesn't like to work nights and weekends so I get all the resident (and prospective resident) calls during those times)
  • When my wife is working, if she doesn't pick up a call, it will roll to me first, before going to voicemail.
  • Detailed call log - I can see which selection(s) callers made so I know which of my available apartments are getting the calls and I can also get a gauge of how many appointment requests I'm getting for a particular unit relative to the calls for information.  (Or, said another way, how many callers are converted to potential renters.)

I'm sure there are things I'm leaving off, but perhaps this gives you a flavor of how I use Ring Central.  

I'm aware of another system called SendHub.  I checked into it a couple of years ago but couldn't get a demo of some of the features I consider essential so I dropped it and stuck with Ring Central.  It had promise though.

@Alan Maynie  Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely check them out!

@Charles Enman  Thanks so much for the info.  I just heard so many negative things about Ring Central.  However, you gave me some confidence so I think I may give them a try!

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