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has anyone heard of real deal real estate investors. i was looking for work on a local classified add here in Utah and i came a crossed this company. They are claiming that they are looking for 15-20 people that are looking to go into real estate investing. and for a small fee they will walk me though deals. i have read the posting on here about courses like this. Im trying to do my due diligence, however when i Google them with the word scam like the posting suggest nothing comes up. I mean the only thing that relates to them is there web sites. I'm not finding any reviews positive or negative. I'm not sure if i not doing the search right or if this is just one big red flag. I'm seclude to have a phone "interview" with them tomorrow. I see the benefits of working with someone that knows you market and im even willing to pay for that if i have to. but after reading the forms and guides on this website im not sure what to do. any help will be appreciated. 

I've never really loved that type of business model and I always worry about businesses that charge money for info that's usually available for free.

I would never pay up front for that service,
But if they'll help you learn and close on a deal, I'd probably be willing to pay for that

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  Utah is ground zero for many of the fulfillment companies that are the back end of all the gurus you see on TV.  If you have an actual link to the site maybe we could take a look and formulate an opinon

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Yes I would be interested to see who they are. 

I  do have to admit that I have purchased a catalog of online classes from a place like that. The people trying to get me to buy them where super gimmicky and probably had virtually no experience in investing themselves. But non the less, I feel that the classes that I paid for where worth the money and I would do it again.

here is there website. to be honest I am 95% sure that im not going to pay for this service. I found them before i found BiggerPockets. however if it is the real deal i could see how this would pay out for me in the long run. thanks for all your help on this.

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  Looked at the site... what they are doing is exactly what the Guru's do.. bus tours only looks like they take car's..  REally depends on the depth of the information and how much they charge.

I like to tell folks that one of the best ways to start if its fix and flip you want to do is

1. study and get a RE license  go to C 21 or many other brokers that will pay for the training if you just hang your license with them. YOu then get to network with those in the industry

2. STudy and get your contractors license... Get with a good interior decorator.. WE pay 150 to 350 per house to get all the colors right and ideas we would never do on our own and on the right budget.

3. If you need money start with friends and family but only invest when you have a clue as to what you are doing.. Pretty hard to take a few weekends and drive up and look at houses with 20 other people any one can walk you through a house and point things out its not rocket sceience

Have some patients and create a base of knowledge it will help you in the long run

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I would be very hesitant, but definitely get on the phone with someone, and find out what they are offering, etc. Probably not worth it, but you never know. If you don't understand what they are offering in terms of education or service, it's most likely not worth the time.

There's tons of GOOD free advice and education out there :)

Great advice from everyone, too.