Wholesale Guru Courses - Yes or No

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Last night I attended a webinar for wholesale training. The product that was being sold was in depth, thorough, and has a lot of value. It was priced at $297. Of course I know I will have to build my own marketing campaign and use my own money and also find buyers. My question is, would this be a good investment? Perhaps it's tacky to say the gurus name as I don't know if the system works or not. But he goes by. C_dy Spe_ber the Cl_ver In_estor. I understand I've got to put in the work. But if this program will help me jump start my biz I'm considering it. I thought I'd ask some of you that may have benefitted or been burned by such products. Thanks in advance! Edward Mitchell

Absolutely freaking NOT a good idea!

Spend 10% of that, go to Amazon, you'll find a Principles of Real Estate Book there, it is used in Missouri Real Estate Schools, buy it, spend a week studying it. Get on here and mention me, if you like, ask anything question you may have from the book. You will then learn REAL ESTATE, not guru crap on marketing RE.

Then, armed with that, begin understand the financing rules we live under in RE. Financing is the key to the door in RE. Even if you can't get financing, that doesn't mean your buyers can't. You're not the only guy up there in your area running around looking for cash buyers, learn how not to need cash buyers.

At the same time you dig into financing, then find out about strategies here. There is nothing you could possibly learn in market RE that you can't find out here!

Next, understand in MO. facilitating any sale requires a license, forget the BS of equitable interests, you start wholesaling on a scale that gets noticed, the MOREC will come knocking. Learn RE and how to take advantage of other tactics.

You're very welcome, I just save you about $270 and saved your tail from screw ups and months of chasing your tail. Feel free to send me the difference if you like. :)  

So, @Bill G., you're a telling me wholesaling is illegal in MO?

Bill G. is totally correct. You need a real estate license. And you can self-educate, using his suggestions. Don't waste your money on this course. Go to Amazon and you will find much more for much less.

"Absolutely freaking NOT a good idea". Bill, why don't you tell him what you really think? LOL

Wow! I'm totally confused by this. Just listened to a biggerpockets podcast with Phillip Vincent who works for a firm in Missouri and helps other wholesalers do deals here. Where can I find the info stating the do's and donts of Missouri? And I'm not disregarding you all's expertise at all.  I just don't see this equation adding up.

You don't have to have a license to buy a house! And if you choose to sell that contract to me, that would be even better

@Phillip Vincent sounds like a plan to me. Thanks for keeping my head from exploding while I frantically research this matter.  I enjoyed your podcast by the way.

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