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Here's a Question.. 

If the author of this email to me (a somewhat known wholesaling "guru") believes that 95% of the mail you send is useless...

So why does he then teach it?

I think the answer is fairly clear.

Faith Healers and Real Estate Guru's

I recently wrote an article about this in my blog, but I have to ask the Bigger Pockets Community... 

Why do you feel as though direct mail is taught so much if.. for the newer wholesaler; it is virtually worthless?

I am eager to hear your opinions! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day!  

It is taught bc though the % are very low, it can actually work.  It is a strategy that with a little money and little effort could potentially produce results for the new investor.  It is much easier to teach this then to teach someone new how to be an expert flipper right away. It takes small steps to get new people started. 

For example: We paid a total of $1,150 to purchase a list of 675 buyers for my market, stamps, envelopes, printed material to go in the letters and send them out.

Of the 675 50 came back as undeliverable.  Of the 625 only 1 person contacted me and that person today is buying a home from me.  We will make about $9,000 so subtract the marketing cost of $1,150 we made a profit of $7,850.  This buyer has plans to buy more from us. 

It is worth it if someone buyer.  My list had only actual buyers on it, not a general list. 

Good luck

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