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I hoping to communicate with those of you who have had first hand experience with Fortune Builders Mastery Program. I know there are people who have had tremendous success. These individuals are virtual spokespeople for the company. I also know there are others who have had no success. Too often these people look to bash and blame the company. I'm hoping to get to that middle ground person who can objectively discuss the program.

@Anthony Maggio

  never been but I have clients I have lent money to that swear by him.

BP is pretty much anti guru in any form or fashion.. so keep that in mind.

But do not take my comments like they are a ringing endorsement.. just relaying the one client I have who has made millions and credits Lindahl.

Jay thanks for input. I know that the crowd on BP is anti guri. I'm convinced there's value in using s coach. The question is how much of a measurable advantage will you get.

@Anthony Maggio You are mentioning Dave Lindahl and Fotune Builders Mastery. These are two different companies. Than Merrill is the owner of Fortune Builders. I know someone from our Local REIA that took Lindahl coaching and has put together 3 syndicate deals in the last two years and controls over 300 units. I believe the success rates are typically less than 10% for these programs.

Knowledge without action Is just knowledge.

As Eric mentioned above, you are confusing Dave Lindahl with Fortune Builders.

Lindahl is focused on multi-family properties (apartment buildings/complexes) and he is the only national coach I have experience with who I would recommend.  He's an investor first, coach second, and the types of deals he teaches are a lot more rife with risk than typical single-family deals (for which I don't think high-priced coaching is ever necessary).

So, if you're talking about Lindahl, and you think you need a paid coach, I'd throw in my recommendation.  If you're talking about Fortune Builders, I don't have any first-hand knowledge, but I do know that I'd never pay large amounts of money for single-family coaching.

Thanks for the great responses. Sorry for the confusion guys. I know they're two different companies. That's what I get for copying and pasting. I've already attended a weekend seminar with FB. Lots of good info on flips. Then connected with Dave  about his coaching program. I certainly understand that there are many people succeeding without the coaching; however, my thoughts are that coaching may speed up one's success and reduce costly mistakes. 

Thanks again for you insight. Any suggestions you can make to someone ready to take action would be appreciated  

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