Guru training seminar success!!

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If the subject caught your eye, i should go into marketing.

My BP question for everyone: 

Who has attended a seminar/ training/ mentor program for under $1500 that they didn't regret.  In other words; it was worth every cent and "Paid for itself"

If you have a profile picture and more than 2 posts, thats cool.  if you are active on BP, I.E pro member i would love to hear from you!

And to save some time on redundant posts, we all know BP is the best place to learn about real estate investing without all of the hype 

@Mark Higgins Go into marketing! You caught my eye!

I am one of those anti-Guru guys. My wife and I once attended a 'free' seminar that was simply a sales pitch for the Guru course. We didn't take the bait and went on to use that money to acquire a cash flowing property instead. I have no doubt we're ahead.

You also say UNDER $1,500. The Guru courses I've seen generally sell for much more than this. I have a friend who spent $20,000 on a course. If you are looking at the under $1,500 course I know @Ben Leybovich has an online course that would fit your criteria. Although I've not taken it I'm certain the content is rock solid.

Disclosure: Creator of Cash Flow Freedom University

@Aaron Mercer - if CFFU is solid, which it is, why haven't you jumped in, especially considering that it is a fraction of $1,500?

lol - am I selling too hard now:)

Thanks for the shout out, Aaron.

P.S. real estate has been around for a few years. There's nothing new and never will be. Everything that can be done, has been done. $1,500 for this, let alone $20,000, is ridiculous. Well organized quality content is worth something, but not 4 or 5 figures, Mark.

I am admitting that today I pad 1/2 of a $600 membership to an investors club apprentice program.  I am a good follower of signs but I am so curious.

it is to focus on the local market specific to my area and gearing towards paying finders fees.  I have done my due diligence, researched the investors and their company's on linked in, Facebook, you name it.  They are actively doing deals and paying checks.  

The $600 is for 1 year membership, monthly meetings of group, and 3 day training.  I asked about being up sold.  He told me people can pay for 1 on 1 but the materials provided is what you need to target our market. They want to partner with us to close deals, they fund.  It's an interesting strategy, if a deal I find closes in 60 days, the will refund my $600.  Or after the first day training I don't think it's for me they will refund me

I am excited for the oportunity to see how they are targeting zipcodes, fnding sellers, and funding the deals.  


I went to a free seminar with my wife to meet and hear this guru and his wife that flip houses in Nevada. They have a tv show on cable, you may have seen it (LOL). Well anyway, they weren't there, we heard a pitch from 2 presenters. I learned about wholesaling and decided I wanted to do it.

It got us excited, so we decided to do the 3 day $997 or $1997 seminar. Went to that, needless to say on the 2nd day they started hinting about further training. The last day, after lunch, they spring the 3 levels of advanced training on the group from 10K to 30K. We were new & wanted to "get rich in REI" and took the midlevel course (20k+). To make a long story short, all we were taught was how to fill out contracts, how to use bandit signs, & how to put offers in on the MLS for distressed or REO properties.

This all happened over a course of about a month, but in the meantime I found this site, I started listening to REI podcasts on iTunes, and my knowledge and confidence level went up astronomically.

Would I suggest the guru courses, HECK NO! Do I regret, yes & no. Yes -I regret the money spent, but No- because I would have never gotten into REI. Spending the money just made me more determined to earn it back as quick as possible. I also made some connections that will be fruitful.

There are some "smaller" gurus that I believe are worth the investment, because you have to spend money to learn from someone. Period. In my market, they have a ton of great local events and local mentors.

I personally joined Sean Terry's "Flip 2 Freedom Academy" which has been awesome.

My 2 cents.

James Green

Also forgot to add, as an exercise on the 1 or 2 day, they "teach" you how to raise our credit limit for "investing purposes". Needless to say we did it, and abracadabra on the 3rd day, we were able to afford our REI package.

Originally posted by @James Green :

Also forgot to add, as an exercise on the 1 or 2 day, they "teach" you how to raise our credit limit for "investing purposes". Needless to say we did it, and abracadabra on the 3rd day, we were able to afford our REI package.

Yes, the ruse on raising credit card limits ends up being so that you can afford to pay for their course in full. 

I like to go to all the free hour long ones that come around. I never fall for the sales pitch but I always learn or get reminded of something in the free one so I keep going.

I do exclusively real estate now.  Quit my day job long  I never spent big bucks on seminars, ever.  I learned a lot from guys I knew at work, or from an investor friend who sold me my first rent house.   After I had about 20 houses I asked each of my "mentors" where they got their start.  Turns out they both had taken a $130 course from Charlton Sheets that they saw on late night TV. 

So...I bought the same way of saying THANKS to Mr. Sheets.  I figured most of what I'd learn, I already knew...but If I gained one tidbit that helped me, it would be worth more than the cost of the course...because I would USE it...not file it away somewhere, like most of the people who bought the course.  I was right.  Mr. Sheets' course is full of useful knowledge. 

I now do multi-family only.  Real Estate has changed my life.  I sometimes attend seminars, just to stay up-to-date with new technology, new ideas, etc.  But I never spend thousands of dollars.  And I've helped many people get into RE investing.  I've never charged them a dime.  Now they tell me *I* should teach a course....LOL.  Maybe one day.  But probably not.  I've got the best job in the world.  And I get up everyday and pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Best of luck!  My best advice...

"Don't spend your seed money on a course telling you how to spend your money.  Make some mistakes.  Learn from them.  Ask questions.  Grow from the experience." 

Originally posted by @James Green :

Also forgot to add, as an exercise on the 1 or 2 day, they "teach" you how to raise our credit limit for "investing purposes". Needless to say we did it, and abracadabra on the 3rd day, we were able to afford our REI package.

There's a good REIA out your way, that has some active investors actually doing deals. Network with local rehabbers and other investors. They know what's going on in that market better than Sean Terry.

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