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So i went to my first REI club meeting today here in phoenix. And the main speaker was a guy name Chris Johnson. He sells a seminar and a home study course showing you from a to z how to get "free money" through federal grants. The seminar was $2000 for 2 days. and $895 for the home study course. With the home study course you pay your $895 up front and then when you receive your first grant he says send him the paperwork or something and he will refund your initial deposit of $895.

I personally found it to be pretty interesting however i just don't feel like spending my money on this.

What about you guys? Has anyone ever heard of him?

I saw him last night in Tucson. All of the "grant" numbers he said to check out on turned out to be a bunch of different HUD loans. I would be interested to hear if anyone has come across any "free money" (ie. money you don't have to pay back) to purchase real estate.

hahha are you serious? that is way funny. i wrote that address down but i haven't checked it out. he had everyone going at the phoenix meeting when he was sayin he was planning on giving away his system for free....but then the catch was brought in hahha.

I thought it was great how he had everyone gathering around the table practically climbing over eachother to get his program for "free." He was a great salesperson for sure. If you find yourself down here in the TUC give me a call and we can grab some lunch.

yeah everyone ran out of the room tryin to grab the gold bags ahhah. I will definitely give you a call if i head out that way. i also met another guy out from tucson, jake anderson.

Wait tucson, alabama?

according to this guy it is definitely possible but you have to find them. he suggested check with your local state government and ask around because a lot of people won't know what you are talking about or you are asking the wrong person. sorry if this is not the best 2 cents hopefully someone else would be able to help you out.

In a weak movement I actually bought his course. I paid $997 I think.

Total ripoff, every word in every book is just about reprinted from the internet directly from the government web pages.

Chris says he will give your money back if you get a grant in one year, I will be getting my money back as I am getting a 10k grant for lead paint abatement. My grant is thru a local land lords group.

As to his claims of grants for the taking, there is a catch, it goes a long way if you are a woman, a minority, or have quite a bit of time on your hands to research and apply for these grants.

yeah, I just attended his seminar this weekend, same catch, same deal! I didn't buy it, so many did however and I'd like to say I am learning definitely by experience because I used to be the person who buys everything that seems to be too good to be true! I can say I didn't buy anything and simply networked. Found more buyers for my wholesaling business and just motivation to keep on doing what I do, which is hard and honest work to get my deals. No such thing as easy money. Get rich the right way. :)

There is a podcast on of this sales pitch. Same thing, different day & place.

But wait there is more.... If you act now.... But there is only a limited number of....

Run Forest... RUN!!!

Disclosure: Am a colleague

I would recommend Chris Johnson (who goes by "The Grant Funding Expert'), with a footnote. I have some association with the real estate seminar industry and actually have found that Chris Johnson is one of the closest to the "real deal" as I've dealt with. I did some digging to see if his testimonials were genuine, and they checked out. He's also a nice person to work with (and I've worked with real gems, absolute a-holes, and everything in between. The footnote I mentioned? His course requires some work on the buyer's part. It's not a done-for-you solution, so be sure what you're purchasing before you jump in.  

Hi there

Im just wondering if anybody has tried this or knows anyone who has gone ahead with this system? I saw Chris Johnson here recently, he comes by every so often. It's a 3 hour seminar and the 2nd half he pitches a different opportunity altogether, which isn't for me. You can also sign up for the webinar so that you can stay at home, the slides are the same, etc, so that might be worth the time if you can't physically attend.

As for the funding workshop again, I haven't seen any complaints so far, just skepticism, which I think is totally fine. But of course, I'm always hesitant as I've been burned once before. And also, nearly years back, I even attend a Trump University seminar. So of course we know how that went.

How can we check the testimonials to see if they check out as Jack mentioned? I guess I could inquire with my local government or something.

I want to do this, but nobody should just jump in right away without doing some homework.

This thread is old and hasn't been active, so I thought I might be able to jump-start this thread and hope some good comes out of it.


Hi, Michael. I just saw this (I'm not on BP as much as I'd like because life is too busy). I have purchased the course and got good use out of it. I also have some inside scoop (friend-of-a-friend type thing) of the seminars, so I hear stuff. Besides that, at one of the events I went to there were some people there who were called "success stories," and I got a chance to talk to them during breaks, etc. I like to trust my gut, and I concluded that they were for real. So that's my take on it, for what it's worth.       

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