Testimonial: The Book on Flipping Houses / Estimating Rehab Costs

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Hi folks,

First, I want to thank everyone who has supported BiggerPockets and me by purchasing the BiggerPockets books on Flipping Houses and Estimating Rehab Costs.  We have sold nearly 40,000 books to date, and the feedback has been tremendous!

BP is working on updating the sales page for the books, and is looking for testimonials for the page.  I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the book, but don't want to use anyone's comments publicly without their permission.  So, I thought I'd start this thread instead.

If you've read either/both of the books and would like to provide a testimonial for the sales page (it will include your BP profile picture), feel free to post it below.

And thanks again for all the support and kind words!

@J Scott Hello, I have read both books on Flipping Houses and Estimating Rehab Costs. They are great books. I am a beginner in RE and I learned a lot of useful information that I am putting to practice already. I recommend to any person thinking of starting to invest in real estate to purchase these books. It is money well spent.  Thank you 

J. Scott,

I loved your book on Estimating Rehab costs.  It has given me the confidence to meet with motivated sellers and price deals accordingly as a new investor.  It's hard to find real estate investing books that cover the topic as well as you did. 



The BIGGEST problem in Wholesaloing - retailing is you need 

  • great ARV (After repaired value) and
  • great rehab estimate numbers

Buy both of those books by J Scott and you will solve these 2 issues by following his excellent advice.

My vote for best Wholesaling Books on Amazon.com

And I have 30 years experience, my first wholesale flip was in 1985.


While we don't flip houses and happen to be in Canada, we nonetheless enjoyed your books and have incorporated some of the ideas and practices into the retrofit of our buy-and-hold properties.

40K copies ... that must be treading on Guru territory ;-)

@J Scott

Your books are a wealth of knowledge for both novice and experienced investors. I particularly liked your SOW and scheduling sections - with a background and many years experience in commercial construction I must admit that I still learned a great deal from these sections. I recommend your books to anyone who is thinking of getting started in SFR rehabs, or even to those who have been in it for more many years.

Having read both of these books- they deliver in helping you get down to the nitty gritty on flipping houses. Including the not so glamorous stuff. A must read for the beginner and lightly seasoned investors. 

@J Scott

Before reading the books, I didn't feel like flipping could be my thing for a long time, since I had no knowledge of how much things cost or the construction/rehab business at all. Now that I have read both books, I realize that I have had the tools I needed all along and I now have the confidence to tackle my first flip, when it comes.  The books don't just help flippers, because I have definitely picked up some valuable tips that I use in my renal business too, like cheap things to do that really make your property look good.

I have referenced the books and given advice from each of them many times and can't wait to put them to use for real.

Where can I get these books?
Thanks I just ordered! The hardback copy book and also the email booklet! That way when I'm sitting still on the train! I a have a book to read! Thanks

@J Scott

I just want to say thank you! thank you! thank you! your book saved two of my deals from going south. I love the section where you detailed on every step on how to deal with the appraisal. My broker has been in the business for 30 years and he doesn't even know about this.

Thanks again and wish you all the best

J Scott read both books..both fabulous and recommend to anyone that simply owns a home but definitely for anyone that is rehabbing!

Hi I'm new here in BP and currently trying to learn anything I could regarding house flipping. I heard that there are great deals out there and it's a good investment approach. 

After reading these books, and learning so much, I continue to use them as a reference guide.  It's the next best thing to having a mentor.  For example,  I am finding that there are two ways to hire contractors:  the homeowner way, and the professional way.  The book on Estimating Rehab Costs gives me the confidence to negotiate with contractors and get the rates and results of professionals.  Just this week a painter asked for 50 percent upfront.  I know that there are few out of pocket expenses for that job, and I remember reading J. Scott's approach to this issue.  So I felt comfortable saying I do not pay upfront for painting.  I also recently had a drywall contractor give me a very high bid.  I responded that I only pay X amount per board.  I may strike out here and there.  But I'd rather know that I am not vastly overpaying because the contractor assumes I am naive.   

Great books! Bought them both and it was worth every penny. Thanks for taking the time to write these very informative books. They are helping noobs like myself ;)

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs is a MUST READ!

The book breaks down 25 major rehab components and discusses their general construction principles to help  build a foundational understanding of how each scope of work is constructed and estimated.

 The book then provides real estimating cost data &  guidelines on how to estimate the work, receive contractor proposals, and negotiate with your contractors.

A great book & a great resource!

@J Scott

Wow. I have read through every page of your books at least a dozen times. Each time I absorb a little more. I had been sitting on REI sidelines for several years until I found Bigger Pockets and then your books. After reading your books I was able to flip two houses in my first year. The best thing is the knowledge I gained gave me a road map that made each step of the process very predictable – hence, not stressful! In fact the whole process has been tremendously exciting, great fun and profitable. Not only have I been able to generate great returns I have also been able to secure almost $1M in additional financing. I am currently working on three new projects two of them are JV projects with other investors in Colorado and California. To be clear, this is a hobby for me. My next hobby will be developing from the ground up. When is BP putting out a road map for developing SFHs?

@J Scott

First and foremost thank you for taking the time to write this book. There was SO much detail and it must've been tedious to write at times. I will be reading it for the third time since there's so much information but it has given me the confidence to transition from wholesaling to flipping. Thanks again!

These books are a wealth of knowledge and have completely changed how I do fix and flips!  I used to think I was doing pretty good with the projects I worked on, but J Scott's books have shown me how to revitalize my business and have helped me become more successful than I ever would have thought was possible!  Can't wait to see what the future continues to hold!

My books just arrived in the mail today! Can't wait to read them through many times over!
is the book available in audio ?? I already search Amazon and eBay but can't find it.

Disclosure: Author of the books being discussed

Originally posted by @Nelzon Ruiz :
is the book available in audio ?? I already search Amazon and eBay but can't find it.

No, we currently don't have the books released on Audible...

The book on estimating rehab costs has been very educational and allowed me to give accurate repair costs during negotiations. Now when a seller balks at my offer because of repairs, I know when to follow up and when to dig in and show them  how I arrived at that number. When I wholesale, I know I'm giving a great deal and not just a good deal. I'm ordering the rehabbing book next!

I am reading it now and so far I can literally see the doors and windows in my mind opening up. 

Thank you

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